Why has the NHS collapsed? – Politics Weekly UK podcast

Health officials are reporting that the NHS is on its knees. John Harris talks to the Guardian’s health policy editor, Denis Campbell, about what he has seen. Plus, Conservative peer Gavin Barwell and Gaby Hinsliff talk about why NHS reform is such a tricky conversation. Help support our independent journalism at theguardian.com/politicspod
12 Jan 2023 English United Kingdom News

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Sicknote culture wars and Angela Rayner – Politics Weekly UK

Rishi Sunak has said it is his ‘moral mission’ to end Britain’s sicknote culture. The Guardian’s John Harris speaks to the disability campaigner Hannah Deakin and the New Economics Foundation’s head of social policy, Tom Pollard, about why the current system is failing people. Plus, the political correspondent Kiran Stacey…
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Cameron and Truss: former PMs stage their comebacks – Politics Weekly UK

How much should Britain get involved in the conflict in the Middle East? The Guardian’s John Harris is joined by the columnist Gaby Hinsliff and former national security adviser Peter Ricketts to talk about the fallout from Iran’s attack on Israel at the weekend. Plus, John talks to Gaby about…
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David Cameron, Donald Trump and UK Arms Sales – Politics Weekly UK podcast

David Cameron made a surprise visit to Mar-a-Largo this week to visit Donald Trump. John Harris is joined by the Guardian’s political editor, Pippa Crerar, and the diplomatic editor, Patrick Wintour, to get the latest on the meeting. And as international pressure continues to build on Israel, John speaks to…
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Port Talbot and the future of British steel – Politics Weekly UK

Thousands of jobs are due to be cut this year at Tata Steel in Port Talbot, putting the future of British steel under serious threat. The Guardian political correspondent Kiran Stacey hears from workers at the plant and people in the town, as well as shadow Wales secretary Jo Stevens,…
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Is China a major threat to British democracy? – Politics Weekly UK

Despite pressure from some Conservative MPs, the government stopped short of defining China as an official threat this week. How deep does Chinese interference in the UK go? John Harris speaks to the Guardian’s foreign leader writer Tania Branigan and deputy political editor, Peter Walker. As MPs break for Easter,…
28 Mar 38 min