Watch out for distractions because they will change your direction and you end up in an opposite direction.
16 Jan English South Africa Religion & Spirituality · Education

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Gods Divine Interruption

We don’t always understand when God moves us from one place to the next. Don’t question God let Him lead you and you will see His divine plan for your life.
13 Mar 18 min

Speak To Your Storm

You have power to change the atmospheres over your life. Speak to the storm and change your circumstance.
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Align Yourself

Get back to the heart and the ways of God. Not my will by Thy will be done.
27 Feb 18 min

Love thy Neighbour

'Changing Perspectives, Everyday' will open up your mind to a different way of thinking. After all, as we think, so are we. Become the change that you would like to see, by simply changing your perspective.
20 Feb 20 min