The Notorius B.I.G_

Fearless Eagle dives into the life of a Rapper Known as the notorious B.I.G biggie smalls and gives some background to his early life and rise to stardom.
14 Mar English South Africa Entertainment News · Business

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What's Happening

Will the next show be comical or a discussion about a serious human violation? We don’t know… Nash covers every and any topic on his show. His shows are definitely eye opening and are worth opening up some time in your schedule to listen to.
29 May 37 min

WhatsApp Gone Insane

For the past few years since Meta had taken over WhatsApp shady things had been going in background leaving people to question their safety on the app.
22 May 28 min

Bittrex Is Bankrupt

Bitcoin company Bittrex has declared bankruptcy leaving investors in what seems to be a ditch although, they have claimed to make an attempt to help people acquire some of their assets stuck in the mess.
15 May 26 min

Jamie Foxx

News had been out that Jamie Foxx is in hospital and that he is suffering from something serious. A lot of speculation had been made as to whether he has injuries or an illness.
8 May 28 min

50 Cent

This is the life of Curtis Jackson and how he rose to fame. From being a good boy at home wile selling drugs on the streets, to becoming 50 cent.
2 May 28 min