I’m BUYING Alts The SECOND This Key Signal Flashes (Spolier: It’s SOON)

Altcoins are getting close! Miles is buying Altcoins as soon as he see's this Major Signal! Stay tuned to find out what it is!


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00:00 When Will Altcoins Pump?
02:00 Bitcoin Technical Analysis
04:10 Why Bitcoin is Pumping
06:50 Bitcoin - Digital Gold
08:09 FOMC Meeting & Interest Rate Hike
13:58 Bitcoin Price Pullback Levels
15:38 APEX - Orderbook DEX
17:12 On-Chain - Off-Chain Trading
20:05 6-Step Plan to Buy Altcoins
25:10 Altcoins Season Index & BTC Pairs
31:50 Bitcoin Dominance & ETH Pumps
34:18 Altcoins Narratives & Price Action
38:30 Cryptocurrency Futures Market
43:55 Arbitrum Airdrop - ARB Token Launch

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22 Mar 4AM English Explicit South Africa Business · Investing

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