Carlos Tao Returns Us To Wonder - Episode #3

You can’t miss him. He’s Otherworldly.

He comes barefoot and wrapped in tattoos with encyclopaedic knowledge about how and why we move.

He’s a wizard, a shaman, and a modern-day-ancient-world philosopher. He’s a visionary of living anatomy, movement, embryology, fascial research, mythology, wonder, and magic. Quite simply – he’s a true original.

While others are hashtagging handstands or crow pose – he’s hashtagging Soma-naut, Psychedelic movement, Tao of the body, Unlearning, Sailing gravity, the living balloon, parachute arms, elephant trunk, & spiderman fingers…

Meet Carlos Tao who’s on a quest to awaken us to a return to wonder, to the intelligence of the body… and what it means to be alive.

His teachings on The Secrets Of Human Movement not a practice, a method, or a technique - but an experience. Because the truth is found in experiencing yourself as you really are.

While he travels around the world offering workshops, trainings and experiences in both English and Spanish, not one class is the same and no one description is enough. He is like the fluid he describes, ever changing and finding new connections & pathways… constantly reframing & refining his art.

Speaking to Carlos is like lift-off for my spirit.

His innate embodiment of magic is so acute that it bounces off the cosmos and into my bones.

I believe this conversation will radically transform the way you see, feel, and move… forever.

Know one thing - This is going to be a magical ride…

So get ready…

And remember to 'LIVE WHOLE!'

PS: I'm really proud of this podcast so I hope, like me, you'll feel that listening once is simply not enough, because these gems of wisdom keep revealing themselves more and more when you start to integrate this innate way of being...
So! Carlos will most definitely be back :)

More about Carlos here:
Instagram: @carlostaomovement & @fluidusacademy

More about 360 Degrees Human & Gina here:
26 Apr 2023 English South Africa Alternative Health · Self-Improvement

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