Redeem Your time!

It’s time to pick up what you’ve lost and become again. God is not done with you.
4 Sep English South Africa Religion & Spirituality · Education

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My Help Comes From The Lord

My help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth. In Him and Him alone will I abide and find my strength. He strengthens me day by day.
4 Dec 15 min

Fight To Bounce Back!

Do not allow your situation to speak back or speak louder than your fight back. It’s time to rise up again and become who CGod has called you to be and what the world needs you to be!
27 Nov 17 min


You can only be thankful when you are present in your now. An absent person struggles to connect with gratitude and thanksgiving.
13 Nov 18 min

Letting Go of Shame

Shame is the bitter result we are left with as a result of the guilt of our wrong doings and those of others done to us. It is important to understand the power of GOD's forgiveness and not allow the burden of shame to overcome us.
5 Nov 15 min