Helping Kids See God’s Glory in Nature

Eryn Lynum shares the value of appreciating God’s creation as a spiritual practice, encouraging you to take your kids into the great outdoors. Eryn shares about the benefits of slowing down to observe creation and discover lessons about God’s power and truth.
30 Nov 2023 5PM English South Africa Society & Culture · Religion & Spirituality

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Sharing Wisdom with the Next Generation ( Part 1 of 2 )

We all need wise counsel, Rob Parsons shares a series of conversations he’s planning for his grandchildren. He’ll offer important “life lessons” on dealing with difficult people, how to nurture good friendships, and how to make a marriage last.
21 Feb 5PM 26 min

Helping Your Loved One Find Freedom from Addiction

When addiction steps in, your family may be turned upside down. Pastor Victor Torres shares his dramatic story of growing up as a gang member and a heroin addict and how God changed his life. He’ll identify some signs of substance abuse and offer first steps toward hope and healing…
20 Feb 5PM 26 min

Finding Fun Ways to Praise God as a Family

The best way to raise godly children who will love the Lord is to start early! We’ll explore the importance of “imprinting” the gospel on young children, as soon as possible - and creative ways you can worship together as a family!
19 Feb 5PM 26 min

From The Heart

The everyday Christian life holds joys, challenges, doubts, and fears. Rob Parsons shares with hope and encouragement about some of the things that matter most.
18 Feb 5PM 26 min

Showing Your Child Their True Worth

One of the best things you can offer your child is a sense of humanity and worth. Peter Mutabazi shares his journey from growing up on the streets in Uganda to becoming a single foster dad. It’s an inspiring conversation about the power of God’s love and faithfulness.
15 Feb 5PM 26 min