OneTrust’s Joseph Byrne: privacy risk management done right

Joseph Byrne, principal solutions engineer at OneTrust, knows a lot about the topic of risk management.
He joins Duncan McLeod on TechCentral’s business technology podcast, TCS+, to unpack the topic in greater detail and to discuss what it means for South African organisations.
Byrne kicks off the discussion with an overview of OneTrust. Founded in 2016 by Kabir Barday, the privately held company has more than 12 000 customers around the world, including in South Africa.
In the interview, Byrne unpacks:
* The differences between third-party risk management and privacy risk.
* How organisations can go about evaluating and selecting third-party service providers and tools to minimise privacy risk.
* Which laws and regulations organisations should companies pay attention to. There are a lot of them, and organisations need to know which ones are important to them, says Byrne.
* How organisations can ensure that third-party relationships are properly documented and regularly reviewed and that they are compliant with privacy regulations.
* Whether there is scope for automation in this field.
* What should happen when things go wrong.
* The role of artificial intelligence in privacy risk management – is AI technology mature enough yet to be genuinely useful, and are new rules needed to deal with it?
Don’t miss an insightful conversation about a critical issue faced not only by South African organisations but companies around the world.
29 Nov 2023 English South Africa Technology · Business

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