The Evan Bray Show - Are our federal politicians out of touch with the priorities of Canadians? - February 16th, 2024

From Minister Guilbeault’s announcement that the government will no longer fund roads to the ridiculous bill from MP Charlie Angus to ban oil and gas ads, there seem to be a lot of questionable decisions being made in Ottawa.
16 Feb 10AM English Canada News Commentary

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The Evan Bray Show - Dr. Erica Pensini - April 18th, 2024

Sulfolane has been identified as a growing pollutant in prairie groundwater. In collaboration with the Canadian Light Source at the University of Saskatchewan, Dr. Erica Pensini at the University of Guelph has been investigating this contaminant and how to protect drinking water on the prairies.
18 Apr 2PM 10 min

The Evan Bray Show - Karen Foster + Open Lines - April 18th, 2024

We've been in the rat race of the five-day work week long enough, according to U.S. Senator, Bernie Sanders. He's been trying to legislate a four-day work week, instead. Dalhousie University associate professor, Karen Foster, joins Evan to share why that might not be as magical a concept as it…
18 Apr 1PM 35 min

The Evan Bray Show - Marlo Pritchard + Steve Roberts - April 18th, 2024

Wildfire season is nearly here and with spring in full swing, the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency is ready to go for a new season ahead. SPSA president, Marlo Pritchard, and vice president of operations, Steve Roberts, join Evan, to give Saskatchewan people the lay of the land for the upcoming…
18 Apr 12PM 14 min

The Evan Bray Show - Chief Mark Arcand + David Kirton - April 18th, 2024

The Saskatoon Tribal Council's Wellness Centre has been working to make a positive difference and support people who are homeless in the city. However, the neighborhood of Fairhaven where the shelter has been located for more than a year, has been vocal about the negative effects its residents have felt…
18 Apr 11AM 36 min