Hot Cares and Silverstar brings clean water to Children's Home

Over the past fortnight, the water shortage has sparked widespread concern and frustration among many. People have had to devise alternative methods for securing water at home, all the while grappling with the uncertainty of when this situation might recur.
Now, consider the added challenge of ensuring consistent access to safe, clean, and drinkable water for 120 children every single day. This is the current dilemma facing Bethany House Children’s Home.
Although Bethany House is fortunate to have a borehole that provides an adequate quantity of water, its poor quality makes it unsafe for consumption. Installing a filtration system would guarantee that the water meets safety standards, thereby protecting the health of the 120 children who rely on it.

This is how Hot Cares and Silverstar will be assisting.
20 Mar English South Africa Non-Profit · Non-Profit

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