Getting a Handle on Your Screen Time

The average American spends about NINE hours a day on screens, and many find that to be normal. David Murrow can relate. He shares from his personal experience and forty years in the TV business about the negative effects from overuse of technology.
15 Apr 6PM English South Africa Society & Culture · Religion & Spirituality

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Renewing My Heart

Imagine being told you’ll never be able to walk again. Eva Self shares the devastating consequences of a car accident that happened when she was just 17, and explains how the Lord pulled her out of a pit of despair.
16 May 6PM 26 min

Making Daily Choices To Love Your Spouse

Grand gestures of love may seem important, but it’s the little choices you make every day that are the most meaningful to your spouse. Learn why choosing to listen, being loyal and living in peace can transform your marriage!
15 May 6PM 26 min

Understanding Sexual Trends In The Dating Culture

In today’s hook-up culture, most young women underestimate their God-given power in relationships. Dr. Mark Regnerus unveils new, fascinating research about compromised sexuality in the culture that will help you to equip your daughter to date and marry well.
14 May 6PM 26 min

When Your Money And Marriage Clash

All too often, financial conflict in your marriage isn’t about money at all — it’s more about your money personalities! Discover how savers and spenders, risk-takers and security seekers can survive and thrive!
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Seeing Through Our Culture to Find God

Alexandra Kuykendall considers herself a “kitchen anthropologist.” Discover how we find what we’re looking for, in this confusing world full of bad news, scary circumstances and uncontrollable situations – and you can choose to wallow in the difficulties or seek God’s goodness through it all.
12 May 6PM 26 min