The Evan Bray Show - Chief Mark Arcand + David Kirton - April 18th, 2024

The Saskatoon Tribal Council's Wellness Centre has been working to make a positive difference and support people who are homeless in the city. However, the neighborhood of Fairhaven where the shelter has been located for more than a year, has been vocal about the negative effects its residents have felt since the shelter moved there. STC Tribal Council Chief Mark Arcand and Saskatoon City Councilor for Ward 8, David Kirton, join Evan to have a round table discussion about the state of the wellness center and Fairhaven, with an eye to future shelters in the city + Evan Opens the lines and asks you... Do you think it's possible to find a balance where a shelter can exist in a neighborhood without compromising safety and quality of life for the residents already living there?
18 Apr 11AM English Canada News Commentary

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