Programme 49: about Music- The Art of Listening: Romantic Piano Concertos

There are four big Piano Concertos from the Romantic period, which feature in almost every competition, played usually by multiple competitors.

These are Tchaikovsky’s first, Rachmaninov’s second, and the Concertos in A minor by Grieg and Schumann. We listen today to the Schumann concerto.

These extremely well known and popular concertos gained their popularity for a reason, and if you don’t know them, it’s time to discover that reason.

Today’s programme is completed by Liszt’s Piano Concerto number 2, also a competition favorite.

And Liszt’s Etude “Un Sospiro” as an encore.

Prepare to be enchanted and amazed. So “crank up the volume to maximum”
23 Apr English South Africa Music History · Music Commentary

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