about Music – The Art of Listening. Programme 56. Twentieth Century Music – Ballet

We are still listening to Ballet music, but we have moved on to the twentieth century, where the Romantic fixation with lush sound, expressive melodies and emotional stories gives way to a wider variety of influences. Amongst these are modernism, neo classicism, jazz and avante garde. The contemporary choreography frequently reflects more abstract experimentation in movement and form, allowing the music to explore themes and moods more freely.
I chose to continue with Ballet music because it leads us more gently into the sound of the twentieth century than much of the instrumental and vocal music does.
Our music is by Francis Poulenc, Igor Stravinsky, Paul Hindemith, Philip Glass, Maurice Ravel, Pierre-Octave Ferroud, Jacques Ibert, Roland-Manuel, Marcel Delannoy, Albert Roussel, Darius Milhaud, Georges Auric, and Florent Schmitt
19 Jun English South Africa Music History · Music Commentary

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