#KELLMAN20 — Toya DeLazy

Toya DeLazy articulates how she pushes her boundaries to explore the unknown in a conversation with Arye Kellman, encouraging others to get out of their comfort zone
13 Jan 2016 English South Africa TV & Film

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#Kellman20 - Daniel Calderwood

Digital is part of modern-day life, Millennials can either get on board or get left behind. Someone who knows this all too well is Digital Content Specialist, Dan Calderwood who joins Arye Kellman for a revealing and inspirational interview on his life in digital content creation before it even had…
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#KELLMAN20 - Pearl Thusi

Africa is ahead in time. Why is Los Angeles leading? Pearl Thusi challenges us for the answer to this question in a discussion with Arye Kellman.
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Try mixing technology with your passion – David Moore is a master at incorporating technology into his choreography. He discusses this new era of movement with Arye Kellman.
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