The Drain Brain Experience

The love monkeys are joined by Soweto-based rock band, The Drain Brain Experience. They talk about experiences that push new boundaries.
21 Jul 2017 English Explicit South Africa TV & Film · Society & Culture

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20something - DJ Supernova

J.A.C.K. and Neo profile global DJ Supernova who's back in SA, touching base. He talks about his latest work and his set at this year's Spring Fiesta.
23 Sep 2016 52 min

20something - SA Music Industry

Sheree O'Brien, MD from Splakavellis Management, and DJ Franky join the team for a chat. They discuss the local music industry and the biggest music festival in the country... Spring Fiesta!
30 Sep 2016 49 min

20something - DJ Sbu

We have House musician/singer and DJ, DJ Sbu coming to catch us up on his latest exploits and his thoughts on what it takes to be and stay a success in the South-African entertainment industry.
7 Oct 2016 51 min

20something - Chasing the Sun

The guys talk about renewable energy with the students from the Faculty of Engineering from TUT. They designed a solar-powered car called the Sun-Chaser.
14 Oct 2016 54 min

20something - Euthanasia

The guys tackle the topic of Euthanasia. They're joined by young medical professionals who weigh in on where the world stands and where it should be on the issue. The suffering that occurs with terminal patients the world over makes this discussion one that must be taken seriously.
21 Oct 2016 55 min