Asshole Bombs, Juba's Last Post Office & Zim's Stolen Diamonds

Daily Maverick's Richard Poplak discusses the calamity across SA politics. Then the team talks about what Juba's last post office means for South Sudan, and the dodgy networks looting Zimbabwe's diamond fields.
12 Sep 2017 English South Africa News

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Kevin Bloom Talks Deaths at Sea

Journalist Kevin Bloom joins the team to talk about his investigative story into how one of the world's biggest tourism companies is culpable for the deaths of South African sailors. Then, Kingsley and Greg talk about; why the Gauteng Department of Health needs to explain the deaths of 36 of…
20 Sep 2016 49 min

The Daily Maverick Show - Climate Change & Human Extinction

Proudly delivered by PostNet Courier, The Daily Daily Maverick team takes an in-depth look at climate change and its consequences for South Africa. They look at floating infrastructure as a way some drowning cities are adapting to climate change. Lastly, they consider whether the extinction of the human race is…
1 Dec 2015 51 min

The Daily Maverick Show - COSATU National Congress

Proudly delivered by PostNet Courier, The Daily Maverick team speak with Ranjeni Munusamy as she reports live from the COSATU National Congress. Then Simon Allison joins the show to talk about Bamako attacks and child brides in Mozambique.
24 Nov 2015 49 min

The Daily Maverick Show - Transformation in the SA Legal Sector

Proudly delivered by PostNet Courier, The Daily Maverick Team discuss racial and gender transformation in the legal profession. They also speak to Kenyan journalist, John Ngirachu, who was held by police for reporting on corruption before speaking to the director of Thina Sobabili about its Oscar and Golden Globes chances.
17 Nov 2015 51 min

The Daily Maverick Show 14.04.15

What kind of DA can we expect post Helen Zilla? UDM General Bantu Holomisa tells us what Chris Hani was really like. How can we tackle Xenophobia in SA? And finally, can Hillary Clinton become the first female president of the US?
14 Apr 2015 55 min