Boss Lady Maduvha

Rami and Romeo sit down with Maduvha about her latest project which she self-funded, project managed, and executed flawlessly. They also throw in some good old humour about good old gospel songs. Where it all started and how putting in the work attracts some luck... many life lessons here!
9 Oct 2017 English South Africa Health & Fitness · Society & Culture

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Introduction to BeLighted

Rami and Romeo introduce their new show and talk about what it's all about and what to expect. They then discuss the impact of social media in our day to day lives, and how it influences family dynamics.
26 Oct 2016 48 min

Friends of Value

Renate Stuurman and Thabiso Mahlape join Rami and Romeo to talk about the importance of following your dreams (and actually getting paid for it), the strength of believing in yourself against all odds, and running your race at all costs. They also discuss friends who support your work by putting…
2 Nov 2016 49 min

Team Dynamics with Kwela Tebza

Kwela Tebza take the team through their musical journey and team dynamics. They share their parents' influence and the dreams and aspirations for the future of Kwela in a fast-paced music industry and most of all, their spirit of brotherhood.
9 Nov 2016 49 min

Duckin' with Rubber Duc

They come from different walks of life, got together and formed this soon-to-be movement called Rubber Duc. They talk about the hustle and hard work that went into their music. Their humility and circle of trust make them stand head and shoulders above the rest. They're Duckin' BeLightful!
16 Nov 2016 52 min

Selfless Urban Legends

Dr Tim Tebeila and Claire Mawisa talk to Rami and Romeo about their life journeys. Claire is an urban city girl who hit the floor running at only 14 years old and started travelling the world. Tim was a rural boy with dreams and aspirations that went beyond his 'backwood'…
23 Nov 2016 51 min