Half-time Chat with Siv Ngesi & Francois van Coke

“It doesn't happen overnight”

Francois van Coke goes by many descriptors. Front man of rock band Fokofpolisiekar. Coach on The Voice SA. Son of a preacher. An anarchist that lives in the suburbs (a translated verse from his latest track, Daarsy Boys).

But once upon a time he was just a young boy from a suburb called Bellville who dreamed of becoming a rugby player. As much as his rugby dream may not have materialised, he’s realised a lot of other unexpected dreams along the way.

He chats to Siv Ngesi about how fatherhood has made him less selfish, what change means to him -and to Afrikaans culture, and what made his mom finally accept his music after over a decade.

Quotes from Francois van Coke interview with Siv Ngesi:
• Playing in a band was not my parent’s ideal for me
• We wanted to free ourselves of everything of our past
• I’m definitely a better dad off the sauce than on the sauce
• It took 13 years for my mom to get into my music
• Being in a band is like being in a rugby team
• The only thing I wanted to do was be a rugby player
• The biggest thing I’ve learnt about change is that it’s possible
• I want to be a good dad, be a good husband and make good music until I die
• As long as Afrikaans is looking towards the future, things can change for the better
• I want my daughter to see that I made people think.