Candy Tothill Kruger - GM of Corporate Affairs at Tsogo Sun

This #PowerWoman podcast is dedicated to understanding how Candy Tothill Kruger, the GM of Corporate Affairs at Tsogo Sun - a JSE-listed company - was able to go from being an HR administrator all the way to the role she now fills, where she uses millions in budgeted money to positively influence the lives of countless South Africans through the social impact programmes she leads.
9 Nov 2018 English South Africa Business · Careers

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Tanya van Lill - CEO of SAVCA

Meet the #PowerWoman who is a South African Champion Powerlifter, has multiple degrees, and is now the CEO of a business in an industry she knew almost nothing about just over 18 months ago. How does Tanya van Lill - CEO of SAVCA - do it?
29 Nov 2018 31 min

Maira Koutsoudakis - CEO of The LIFE Group of Companies

Maira Koutsoudakis has quietly built a mini-empire. She and her team travel the globe and work all over the world as a result. Listen to this #PowerWoman conversation for insights and advice on how she managed to build a group of companies that enjoy global recognition and success.
26 Jan 2018 28 min

Alana James - CEO of The Sunflower Fund

Hlubi and Gareth are grateful to have Alana James, the newly appointed CEO of The Sunflower Fund, in studio where she shares her wealth of experience, global insight, and the exciting new operational plan she has for the organisation.
19 Apr 2018 24 min

Faith Khanyile - CEO of WDB Investment Holdings

More and more we find women at the forefront of change and leadership - mothers and wives contributing successfully to all the roles they dare take upon themselves. Faith Khanyile, CEO of WDB Investment Holdings, is such a power woman. Listen as she chats to the team during this #PowerWoman…
6 Apr 2017 27 min

Jayshree Naidoo - CEO of YIEDI

One of the matriarchs of African entrepreneurial spirit, Jayshree Naidoo shares her journey during this #PowerWoman podcast. The discussion also includes the plight of funding in tertiary education, how to prevent our youth from falling through the economic cracks of society and, of course, finding African-based solutions to African problems.
22 Jun 2017 27 min