Pregnancy and birth in this 'new normal'

Jenni Johnson has been a practicing child-care practitioner since 1997. She runs a busy ante and post-natal clinic and teaches a system that has given parents structure and routine to the baby and childhood years. In our launch episode of this series, Jenni gives advice to pregnant women about how to get through pregnancy and birth in this new normal.
12 May 2020 English South Africa Kids & Family

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We're in lockdown, and so you want to avoid going to a doctor if you can absolutely help it. So at what point do you take your child to see a doctor if they're sick? What are the tell-tale signs you need to take your child to see a doctor?…
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Families face new challenges, and many are thriving

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The first weeks at home with your newborn

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Having your baby in hospital + the first few days back home

In our second episode of Jenni's Baby Clinic, Jenni talks about preparing for the baby's birth; having the baby in hospital (possibly without your partner at your side) and how to cope in hospital while you're there. Jenni gives you some tips on what to take in with you to…
19 May 2020 7 min