Devi is back on the box

When Devi Sankaree Govender left Carte Blanche after 18 years in January this year, she promised to give us the low down on her new TV venture as soon as she could. Terence Pillay talks to the fearless television journalist about her new show, Devi.
17 Jun 2020 English South Africa News · News Commentary

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Don't just gawk, do something

It’s day two of the 16 Days of Activism and today Terence Pillay asks why people don’t intervene when they see corporal punishment turn into physical abuse. Instead, many are picking up cellphones and videotaping the act – most times secretly.
26 Nov 2014 9 min

Terence Pillay Investigates – Toxic Trolleys

In the first episode of East Coast Breakfast’s brand new feature, 'Terence Pillay Investigates', seasoned journalist Terence Pillay takes a closer look at the harmful organisms found on shopping trolleys that may pose a risk to our health.
19 Feb 2020 8 min