Global Tech Pulse Check: Who's Growing & Who's Successfully Raising - Part 1

In part 1 of our 2 part mini-series we dive into 3 different sectors ranging from delivery startups to CRISPR-based diagnostics as well as 3 geographies including Pakistan, Sierra Leone, and Argentina. Our 3 guests today include Syed Sair Ali, Cofounder and CEO at Pakistan based 'Eat Mubarak', Jurgen Descamps, the General Manager for 'Securiport' based in Sierra Leone, as well as Franco Goytia, cofounder at 'CASPR Biotech' based in Buenos Aires, Argentina & Silicon Valley.In this episode you'll learn:How delivery startups in emerging economies are being affected by COVID-19 - [6:38]How Sierra Leone's experience with Ebola helped shape it's response to COVID-19 - [8:45]How has COVID-19 affected the Buenos Aires Startup Ecosystem - [20:05]