Leader of Leaders - Saurabh Goswamy and Terrence Kommal: Are you a wartime General or a peacetime General?

The YPO Leadership Development Network posts a new member feature monthly, hosted by Terrence Kommal. We look forward to building each other up and highlighting great leadership traits whilst learning from our leadership challenges that keep us motivated and evolving.

This months leader Saurabh Goswamy (YPO Gujarat) is a risk-taker with the ability to envisage opportunities and devise strategies for long term growth. His expertise is in Marketing & Finance, which lead him to initiate an Investment Bank that focuses on Transformational enterprises with a lean on Technology.

Listen to his key takeaways and perceptive on these thought-provoking questions :

Are you a wartime General or a peacetime General?
What would you do differently if you could go back in time?
What lessons do you hope your children learn from you?