The Problem With The 2022 World Cup (Podcast: Part 2)

In part one of the podcast, The SL Podcast welcomed guest Ella Knight- a campaigner for human rights at Amnesty International- joins the show to provide the latest details on Qatar’s controversial subjugation of migrant workers and repeated human rights offenses. In part two of the discussion, the focus turns to the promises Qatar have made to rectify the issues, and whether or not they are actually sorting out the issue.

Last year, Amnesty International released an in-depth report focusing on the matter titled “Qatar: Reality Check 2020: Countdown to the 2022 World Cup”, and with the tournament, less than two years away, the host nation, Qatar have given FIFA and human rights groups assurances that they will sort their issues out. The story goes beyond football, and the details are unbelievably heart-breaking. You don’t want to miss this explosive in-depth interview, use the player above to catch part one of the discussion