SA Commuter

SA Commuter

SA Commuter is a streaming radio station that creates a platform for South Africans worldwide to Communicate with each other.

Our podcasts are published 2 weeks after our daily communications through the streaming channel so you can listen at your convenience and share our content with others. Find us on every day between 10am - 4pm daily.

South Africa
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Life is a Beach Podcast with Geniene Preston

Interesting interviews, fascinating stories, that’s what makes podcasts interesting. And as a seasoned interviewer living in South Africa but having visited over 80 countries and meeting many people on that journey, I have the perfect platform to get the best out of them. I have been publishing magazines since 2000…
4 Nov 47 episodes English Society & Culture

SAPRO Global Exporters of Uniquely South African Goods

Sapro International is a 25-year-old South African owned and operated company and one of SA’s largest exporters of FMCG goods. We export over 8 500 quality, uniquely South African goods to customers all over the world. Our passion is to provide the highest level of service, not only in terms…
7 Sep 8 episodes English Business · Food