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Mission Radio Cape Pulpit is an independent, trans-cultural and trans-denominational media organisation. Our divine assignment is to proclaim the Gospel message through the production and broadcasting of radio programmes, supported by other electronic media, publications and community initiatives. Our focus is to be a companion to believers in their journey of faith and win unbelievers for Christ. We participate in radio missionary activities by facilitating and establishing Christian radio ministries in Africa and provide training and development opportunities for Christian broadcasters.

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Rudi Nagel - Raasblaar Desibel Dissipel

Tablette, vuvuzelas, aanneming en ander verwonderinge vul ons 110de gesprek oor bome. Fluister of Bulder....Uitbundige Uitbarstings en ook innerlike kalmte, gee uitdrukking aan ons Vader se vele fassette.
16 Jul 10 min