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Industry leader AutoTrader has joined forces with pioneering digital content hub CliffCentral to bring you #AutoCentral – an expert motoring infotainment show. Get behind the wheel with the team for all things motoring, from the more affordable to the most desirable cars, bikes, 4x4s and more.

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#AutoCentral Power Pod: Would you let an autonomous car drive you around?

George Mienie reports back on what he considers to have been his best trip to America in 7 years. Why is the USA so great, are they doing anything in particular in the automotive industry that separates them from the rest of the planet? Cindy Alter answers the question, “Would you allow an autonomous car to drive you around?” Her answer is amusing. South Africa’s mimicary of America is not just in music and culture, the motor industry follows suit... is this a good or a bad thing? Is it a good idea to buy a Nissan NP300 after the recent crash test results? OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and the Competition Commission are on a collision course in South Africa - this one could be interesting. And Elon Musk is not happy with Bill Gates after his comments regarding electric vehicles. 

#AutoCentral Power Pod: Ford shows cyclists some love

George Mienie is in Las Vegas and he’s living the dream. He busts the myth that January is a bad month for consumers in the motor industry - second hand car sales touched on R10.2 billion, and that’s not a typo! Polestar are now officially thinking about the planet, they are going to aim to reduce 80% of plastic in the cars which they produce moving forward. Ford has created an emoji jacket for cyclists, safety first people. And Ferrari have revealed their 2020 vehicles, the SF1000.

#AutoCentral Power Pod: Farewell fossil fuel

Boris Johnson is hoping to ban diesel and hybrid cars in the UK by 2031. The X-Class is being discontinued in South Africa. There are a few patents which sound like genius ideas, but haven’t made it to the real world. Toyota South Africa is investing billions into South Africa's economy, George reveals the full amount. Exciting times... South Africa will now produce a hybrid Toyota for the first time - the future is here!

#AutoCentral Power Pod: Back to the Future 

If you want part ownership of a Mini, your time may be now. We’re going 'Back to The Future' with the DeLorean being reproduced as a limited range coming out soon. The legal blood limit in South Africa is now absolutely zero, stay away from those hot cross buns. Skijoring... have you heard of it? If not, George Mienie tells all. He also tells a touching story about how Devi Sankaree Govender’s investigative journalism helped his business.

#AutoCentral Power Pod: The Musk of Tesla

George tells us that cars should always be utilitarian and that’s how you should calculate their value. The most versatile vehicle to buy is revealed. Tesla is now worth $100 billion, which means it’s more valuable than General Motors and Ford, combined! Laffite’s X-Road is a sight to behold. South African women are blazing a new path at Dakar, how cool is that!

#AutoCentral Power Pod: Talking Tesla

Believe it or not, January is the peak time for car shopping. Subaru has a four letter gaffe, you don’t want to miss this one. Hydrogen fuel cell cars... are they safe? Who needs friends when you can talk to your Tesla? Electric cars are a great idea, but how long does it take to get a full charge?

#AutoCentral Power Pod: Acts of God

George Mienie is back with a bang for 2020 and he tells us how he learned something new about car rental policies, insurance, and acts of God while on holiday. Uber and Hyundai have released plans for a flying taxi. We know Toyota builds cars, but now they’re building futuristic cities as well. And Rivian’s new 360 turning truck is something to behold - Powered by AutoTrader.

#AutoCentral Power Pod: Kids, Cars & Keys

#AutoTrader Power Pod: George Mienie tells us why it is key to never take your kids car shopping. Could we soon be using the term, "I know you as well as your car does?" Grapes and rice... now a part of your diet and your car's headlamps. Plus Ford's latest initiative to go green. - powered by AutoTrader.

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