The ‘Fuel Sippers’ Episode

This week on South Africa's No.1 Motoring Podcast, Ryno, Taye, and Ané are figuring out how to sip fuel in this week’s “Fuel Sippers” episode. Ané walks us through the new Kia Picanto after its recent launch. Why does the new Honda CR-V cost up to a million Rand? Last up, we answer an #AskAutoTrader Question and chat about Isuzu’s 1 Tank Challenge with some fuel-saving tips.
20 May English South Africa Automotive · Technology

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The Car-Tech-Knowledge(y) Episode

On this week’s episode, we uncover the latest advanced car technology, and its impact on revolutionising the driving experience. From the seamless integration of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto… to cutting-edge safety systems and self-driving cars.
24 Jun 24 min

New Cars vs Pre-owned Treasures

This week on South Africa's No.1 Motoring Podcast - Ryno, Lawrence, and Ané reveal the new cars on the market, and find pre-owned treasures that have more value for the same price.
17 Jun 23 min

The ‘Four-Cylinder Performers’ Episode

This week on South Africa's No.1 Motoring Podcast, Chad and Ryno chat about new four-pot performers such as the Toyota Hilux GR-Sport III, as well as the Mercedes-AMG C63 S E Performance. Ryno shares some information about the exciting new models he saw at the Nampo Harvest Day exhibition. And…
27 May 34 min