#radiowontfall (29 June to 1 July 2016)

RADIO DAYS AFRICA  |  Event , ±39 min episodes total time 26 hr 13 min  | 
Despite being under pressure from a variety of media offerings, radio continues to thrive. Prof Franz Kruger chats to Helen Boaden, Daryl Ilbury and Leslie Ntloko about the state of radio in South Africa, the continent and across the world. #radiowontfall will look at trends in innovation and technology, as well as the relationship between audiences and radio brands in a changing landscape.

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Snap My Insta Twit #Face By Martin Liss (29 June 2016)

The natural synergy between social media and radio is growing. It is, however, very difficult to predict which social media trends will resonate with audiences. Martin Liss will share success stories and highlight the strategic thinking behind building successful social media campaigns for radio audiences.

#RDA16:Why I Like A Good Package (29-06-2016)

Roger Goode (DJ and Radio Presenter: 5FM)
In an audio industry, radio presenters often overlook audio. In South Africa, Roger Goode is synonymous with the use of sound. He tells us why and how audio is the key to successfully entertain radio audiences.

#RDA16: Innovation In The Production Process (30-06-2016)

George Wright (Head of Internet Research and Future Services: BBC – United Kingdom)
Rethinking existing models and employing new technology and processes, the BBC has managed to create innovative processes within the production chain. George Wright shares his experience within the research and development space, and some of the examples where the BBC has changed the way they do business with particular focus on the production cycle.

Do You Speak My Language? By Terrance April (30 June 2016)

Public radio stations often have to create a delicate balance between language-specific programming and catering for a variety of cultural groups within its reach. RSG has had numerous success stories in getting this balance just right. Terrance April tells us how they’ve managed to do this.

#RDA16: Let's Talk About Sex (30-06-2016)

Soeren Johannsen (BBC Media Action – Zambia)
Patricia Sinyangwe (BBC Media Action – Zambia))
Tikambe (Let’s Talk) is a joint BBC media action project using TV, radio and online media to help young people look after their sexual health and improve their knowledge. Soeren Johannsen and Patricia Sinyangwe speak about the programme and the impact it has had on the sexual well-being of Zambia’s youth.

#RDA16: Balancing Burundi And Libya (30-06-2016)

Janet Anderson (Relations Manager: RNW Media – The Netherlands)
Operating in conflicted and fractured landscapes, Janet Anderson tells us about the development of journalistic values, linking social media with radio for maximum impact and dealing with rumour vs fact vs opinion. She will also discuss local and international partnerships and getting the balance right.

“Hello?” By Zoe Cohen (30 June 2016)

The ability to facilitate conversations between a radio station and its audience is key to stimulating audience-driven dialogue. Echo Mobile has developed an innovative way to connect poorer audiences to their local station through automated voice calls and SMS, giving them a voice that can be broadcast and heard. Zoe Cohen will detail how this works and how the system is currently used.

#RadioWontFall #RDA16 From 0 to H20 by Kevin Fine (General Manager: Jacaranda FM

Commercial radio garners enormous power, not only through large audience numbers, but also with its commercial partners. The ability to translate this into social conscience is a very powerful skill. During recent water shortages and droughts in South Africa, JacarandaFM mobilised its audiences and commercial partners to alleviate the need of communities within its footprint. Kevin Fine talks about the social conscience of radio.

#RDA16: Putting The Bang Back In The Buck (30-06-2016)

Gary Stroebel (CEO: Central Media Group)
The 30-second radio spot has long proved to be a useful advertising tool. The changing media landscape and consumer behavioural trends have meant that radio has also had to adapt. Gary Stroebel talks about new revenue opportunities in a traditional space and shares insight into growing the bottom line.

#RDA16 #RadioWontFall #FeesMustFall by Lerato Mkate

The 2015 #feesmustfall student uprising was widely reported in both local and international media. Being in the heart of the student body, campus radio had the unique ability to tap directly into on-campus events and students’ associated emotions. Charita van der Berg and Lerato Makate tell us how their stations tackled these historic events.

#RDA16: Activation Station (30-06-2016)

Nick Efstathiou (General Manager: OFM)
Programming and marketing departments in radio stations often meet in a common activation space. Nick Efstathiou details best practices in ensuring both client and radio station enjoy maximum benefit from an event. Having spent both time as a programming and marketing manager, Nick understands the challenge to ‘Think Big’ and to guarantee results for a paying client.

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