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Big Small Business Show

The Big Small Business Show aims to give viewers practical and down-to-earth business advice and is tailor-made for entrepreneurs. This programme gives great insight and tips to those who want to grow their ventures, as well as those who wanting to take the step towards entrepreneurship.

The show is hosted by Allon Raiz, CEO of Raizcorp, an internationally well-known business guru.

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The Big Small Business Show - Exiting employees

If you want to exit employees, you need a good reason under law. You can’t dismiss employees just because you don’t like them or they irritate you. Heinrich Marx, SME HR Specialist, discusses some legal reasons, for example damage to property or breaking company rules.
20 Jan 2023 6 min

The Big Small Business Show - Performance management strategies

It’s very important to have a performance management strategy around your sales team. In the words of Allon Raiz: "Performance management is a requirement for growth.” It’s advisable to set targets for your teams and let sales and marketing teams report to you as HOD, even though you’re the MD…
20 Jan 2023 6 min

The Big Small Business Show - Closing sales deals

Gary Roux Junior joined his father in their family business called Aerial and Satellite City (AS City) as the MD, and his challenge is that it seems as if only himself and his father can close deals. He steps into conversation with Allon Raiz, CEO: Raizcorp on how to overcome…
20 Jan 2023 11 min

The Big Small Business Show - “Loving the hunt” - sales ratios

Allon Raiz believes that entrepreneurs should gamify their sales ratios - set your ratios and start playing a game with yourself. How long did it take the last time to get to the right person? How much effort the last time? How much research the last time? To get tips…
10 Nov 2022 3 min

The Big Small Business Show - Job description for 1st HR employee

What do you look for when you want to hire your first HR person? Step one is this person’s job description. What do you want Human Resources to do? Once you’re clear and you start searching for this person, it may unfortunately be a bit of trial and error until…
10 Nov 2022 11 min

The Big Small Business Show - How to get competitive advantage

How do you get competitive advantage? Specialise, specialise, specialise. The public needs to know you for one thing and seek your services for that one thing. Allon Raiz, CEO: Raizcorp, guides Ginen Moodley from Moodley Attorneys around how to build a trusted brand and how to resist changing the brand…
10 Nov 2022 9 min

The Big Small Business Show - When do you start an HR department

When should you start thinking about an HR department? It’s not when you're having staff issues. It’s not when rival companies do so. Before you commit to this overhead, first have a look to see what can be outsourced and when you’re ready and you can comfortably afford it, create…
4 Nov 2022 12 min

The Big Small Business Show - What to consider before you invest

If you want to invest in a business, there are a few questions to ask yourself. Do you want a majority or minority stake? Do you see yourself as a partner or an investor - get involved in the day to day running or just attend board meetings? How are…
4 Nov 2022 10 min

The Big Small Business Show - The role of an HR person

Human Resources is so much more than a department for complaints and disciplinary hearings. One of their roles is to implement company strategies, among many other things. In our new series around the ins and outs of HR departments, Heinrich Marx, an HR specialist for small and medium businesses, kicks…
28 Oct 2022 12 min

The Big Small Business Show - Quality vs quantity of assets

“It’s about the quality of your assets, not the quantity”. Allon Raiz, CEO: Raizcorp, steps into conversation with Tyy Ford from Aktiv60 who manages gyms and physical rehabilitation centres. Allon also urges Tyy to walk away when a contract threatens his bottom line as the client may be the only…
28 Oct 2022 11 min

The Big Small Business Show - Chillers Market App

At the recent annual MTN Business App of the Year Competition, energetic Ndivhuwo Nthambeleni, co-developer of the Chillers Market App, was part of the team that won the Best Breakthrough Developer category. This app enables business owners to market their products and services on the app and reach clients all…
21 Oct 2022 7 min

The Big Small Business Show - Greylisting part 2 of 2

Greylisting part 2: National Treasury is committed to give additional resources to the FIC, but it’s going slowly. A new development is that certain groups, including accountants, now have to FICA their clients and do a risk-rating on them. There are also quite a few changes in laws coming, including…
21 Oct 2022 8 min

The Big Small Business Show - Greylisting part 1 of 2

It’s sort-of accepted that South Africa will be greylisted in February 2023. How did it all start? Who is the FATF? What is greylisting? What will the impact be on SME’s? Juanita Steenekamp from SAICA joins Allon Raiz to unpack money laundering, terrorist financing and the struggle to get all…
21 Oct 2022 8 min

The Big Small Business Show - Specialisation is key

Specialise. Build your brand around specialisation. Find the hardest thing to do in your industry. Specialise in that. The more specialisation it requires, the more money you can make. Allon Raiz, CEO: Raizcorp, unpacks the principles of specialisation in our Entrepreneurial Academy slot.
14 Oct 2022 4 min

The Big Small Business Show - Pipelines for FMCG products

Sales and pipelines in the FMCG industry goes hand in hand. You need to be out there on a daily basis to sell face to face, get the no’s, analyse why it was a no, re-group and try the next pipeline. You also need to remember that some pipelines involve…
14 Oct 2022 9 min

The Big Small Business Show - Disadvantages of too many offerings

A classic mistake many entrepreneurs make is to offer too many services and in the process they are known for none. Allon Raiz guides Kgomotso Ramatlou from Pishon Cleaning & Gardening Services to separate these two entities and in the end, choose one and specialise.
14 Oct 2022 10 min

The Big Small Business Show - Routes to market for FMCG products

Routes to market for FMCG products - look at the size of the market first, what are the main brands in that market, can competitors come in with cheaper products, what are the barriers to entry? Then you decide on the route to market. Ryan “chef” Lurie from Namyajapan, unpacks.
7 Oct 2022 8 min
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