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In Khuluma Nathi you can expect top isiZulu student, Sky Tshabalala to teach you the isiZulu phrases you want to learn! Don’t miss the chance to improve your isiZulu in Khuluma Nathi with East Coast Breakfast.

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Say: Where is my gift?

During Christmas, some families have it as a prerequisite to have a gift before even coming to the lunch or dinner. They are still upholding one of the longest standing traditions of the world to gift each other something for Christmas.
So, when this is something you do annually and suddenly someone just stops getting the gift; this is the question to ask.
This is how you ask 'Where is my gift?'
Take a listen

Say: When is the President talking?

Ever since COVID-19 started and we have been occasionally summoned to watch the President's address regarding the restrictions that will be followed to stay safe in the country.
We now call these 'family meetings' even.
Whenever there is conversation of a looming lockdown, this is a question most people will ask.
Take a listen

Say: Do you have electricity?

Among some of the most said words in South Africa is the word 'loadshedding'. That is because we have learned to plan our lives around it at work, at home and for our social lives.
So to always make sure that the next place you're going to has electricity and isn't experiencing a certain 'Stage 3/4 loadshedding', you need to politely ask this question.

Say: Where are you going this December?

Another week, another Khuluma Nathi lesson with uThisha Sky. Christmas is closer than we think and holiday plans are in the books for so many people. This year, especially, will see more people having extensive December plans because last year we had COVID-19 restrictions. So, if you are curious where your colleague or friends will be headed this December, this is how you ask them.
Take a listen - class is in session!

Say: Do you have my size?

With Black Friday happening soon, this is one of those things you would say to the store/floor assistants if you liked a certain shirt or shoes and wanted your specific size.
So don't be scared to confidently ask for your size.

Say: Is there someone sitting here?

The team have been flying in and out of Durban for the past few weeks. And with Keri Miller always having the worst experience in terms of the people sitting next to her, she always manages to sneak to a spot in the plane that has no one.
She obviously needs to make sure that there is no one seated at the spot before she can take it. So the same can be said for you wherever you are in the world.
Say you really want to take a rest after a jog or want to sit on a bench where the sun is directly hitting, this is how you ask in isiZulu "Is there someone sitting here?"

How to say: Can I please speak to the manager?

Another lesson with uThisha Sky!
In today's lesson we teach you how to say something that so many people would like to ask when in restaurants or in shops when they receive bad service.
You will love this one.

Say: Which (soccer) team do you like?

With Sky having a horrible time on Monday following Manchester United's loss, it has become really important for people to find out which team other people support just to be insensitive.

In this Zulu lesson, you get to learn how to do the courteous thing of asking which team someone likes.

Class is in session! Listen here:

Say: "Don't forget to vote"

With the municipal elections taking place in South Africa on the November 1, 2021; it's best you remind your colleagues, family and friends to practise their right to vote.
So here, this is how you say it.

How to say "listen here, lie down here!"

Hey, class is in session once again!
uThisha Sky is back with that Khuluma Nathi classes and lessons. He teaches Darren a line he wants to use on his dogs.
It might just sound a little impossible and unreal but you can definitely get this one!

Say: "Nice to meet you"

The final instalment of Sky Tshabalala's 'Khuluma Nathi' teaches you the perfect response to introductions.

As it seems to be wedding season with bridal pictures flooding the different social media platforms, when your daughter or son introduces their partner this weekend at dinner YOU should know exactly how to respond with this one.

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