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The Naked Scientists flagship science show brings you a lighthearted look at the latest scientific breakthroughs, interviews with the world's top scientists, answers to your science questions and science experiments to try at home.
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Blood clot breakthrough, and a fossil forgery

In the news pod, a study into the DNA of ancient humans has found what are potentially the oldest examples of genetic diseases like Down syndrome. Also, new insights into whale song, a potential new treatment for blood clots, and lifting the lid on a phony fossil... Like this podcast?…
22 Feb 29 min

Microplastics and forever chemicals: here to stay?

This week on The Naked Scientists: they're everywhere, from the bottom of the ocean to inside your bodies. We look at the pervasive topic of microplastics, and so called 'forever chemicals.' What do we know so far, and should we be concerned? Like this podcast? Please help us by supporting…
19 Feb 32 min

Dengue, decaying dead bodies, and a stone age deer trap

In the news pod, as an outbreak of Dengue fever rips through Brazil, we ask, should we be worried in Europe? Also, scientists describe the microbes responsible for the decomposition of animal flesh, and a miraculous underwater archaelogical find sheds light on ancient hunting practices. Plus, could teasing behaviours in…
15 Feb 28 min

Healing war wounds

On this episode of The Naked Scientists, we'll examine the evolution of the role of medicine in conflict, with contributions from a retired general, a war wound pioneer and a trauma expert. Like this podcast? Please help us by supporting the Naked Scientists
12 Feb 30 min

King Charles' cancer, and a new particle supercollider

In this edition of The Naked Scientists: Why cancer waiting lists have lengthened, and the importance of catching the disease early; how pollution is blinding insects to plants they might otherwise want to pollinate: and how do blueberries come by their colour? It's not as simple as it sounds: squash…
8 Feb 30 min

Is it time to change the law on assisted dying?

Dame Esther Rantzen reignited the debate on assisted dying in the UK after she shared the news she had joined the physician assisted dying clinic Dignitas in Switzerland. The services offered by Dignitas are illegal here in the UK, but recently some countries have been relaxing their laws in this…
5 Feb 27 min

Neuralink implant, and a brief history of spine

In the news pod this week, Elon Musk's Neuralink chip is successfully implanted into a human brain, but what's the potential of computer brain interfaces? Also on the programme, an Imperial scientist reveals the reason for insects' attraction to street lights, and we hear about one of the health benefits…
1 Feb 28 min

Decarbonising shipping, and the Ship of the Future

This week, we are in Dover, south-east England, to meet the people trying to bring sustainable solutions to one of the world's most important sectors: shipping. In this episode, we look at the shipping industry as a case study to see just how much has to be taken into consideration…
30 Jan 28 min

Retinas reveal future health, and the first cells on Earth

In this episode of The Naked Scientists: what the structure of your retina reveals about your risk of developing a range of diseases; have we finally cracked how the first biological cells appeared 4 billion years ago; and how pond skater insects survive potentially lethal run-ins with large raindrops. Like…
26 Jan 28 min

Titans of Science: Julie Williams

Julie Williams has dedicated much of her career to uncovering the genetic signposts for the most common cause of dementia: Alzheimer's disease. Chris Smith caught up with her to hear about influences she had growing up, how a revolution in genetics means we could be on the verge of key…
22 Jan 28 min

Plague in the population, and preventing potholes

This week on the Naked Scientists, did the Black Death cause a change in our genes? Also, we'll be finding out whether smaller wine glasses could be key to reducing alcohol consumption in the population, and how scientists are plugging the potholes in our roads with science. Plus, a crucial…
18 Jan 35 min

Titans of Science: Martin Rees

Titans of Science returns with another out-of-this-world guest: astronomer, astrophysicist and science populariser, Lord Martin Rees. Like this podcast? Please help us by supporting the Naked Scientists
15 Jan 28 min

Depression drugs, deepfakes, and fingerprint discoveries

On this week's edition of The Naked Scientists: Why dose of old drugs might be a new way to beat depression; with many countries gearing up for general elections, why AI-generated deepfakes have got politicians worried; And we look back at the life of the pioneering British transplant surgeon, Professor…
11 Jan 33 min

Titans of Science: Deborah Prentice

This week in The Naked Scientists, Titans of Science is back, and today we hear from the University of Cambridge's new vice-chancellor, Deborah Prentice. Like this podcast? Please help us by supporting the Naked Scientists
9 Jan 27 min

Measles outbreaks, and terrorist chatbots

In this edition of The Naked Scientists, What can be done to reverse a dramatic rise in measles cases around the world? We'll also be exploring Japan's susceptibility to incredibly powerful earthquakes. Plus, what may have prompted early humans to adapt the way they communicated... Like this podcast? Please help…
4 Jan 28 min

What science has in store for 2024

Happy new year from The Naked Scientists! In this week's show, we're going to look ahead to what 2024 has in store - scientifically speaking - in a number of key areas in the months ahead. Like this podcast? Please help us by supporting the Naked Scientists
1 Jan 31 min

The best of 2023!

This week's show is one of retrospection. We're taking a look back at the year that was 2023, and reliving some of the outstanding scientific stories that came out of it. Everything from AI in medicine to asteroid samples. Like this podcast? Please help us by supporting the Naked Scientists
29 Dec 2023 56 min

A Naked Gaming Christmas!

This episode, Naked Gaming has commandeered the programme, as Chris Berrow and Leigh Milner take us through a Christmas full of games! Like this podcast? Please help us by supporting the Naked Scientists
26 Dec 2023 27 min

Naked Christmas: Presents, plonk and a pliosaur

In our festive themed magazine show, join Chris Smith as he samples the BMJ's Christmas offerings, enjoys a glass or two of champagne (in the name of science, of course), and previews the pliosaur skull making waves on our TV screens over the Christmas break... Like this podcast? Please help…
21 Dec 2023 29 min

Titans of Science: Mark Slack

For this edition of Titans of Science, Chris Smith sits down with Mark Slack, a doctor revolutionising the use of robots in medicine. They discuss his early years in apartheid South Africa, how he established himself as a surgical innovator in the UK, and what the future holds for the…
18 Dec 2023 31 min
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