Naked Scientists

Naked Scientists

The Naked Scientists are a media-savvy group of physicians and researchers from Cambridge University who use radio, live lectures, and the Internet to strip science down to its bare essentials, and promote it to the general public. Their award winning BBC weekly radio programme, The Naked Scientists, reaches a potential audience of 6 million listeners across the east of England, and also has an international following on the web.
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Question of the Week

Each week we set out to solve one of the world's weirdest, wackiest, funniest and funkiest scientific puzzles. And along with the answer there's a brand new question to think about for next time…
17 May 511 episodes English Science

Ask The Naked Scientists SA

Why scratch your head if you don't know the answer? What about the Earth made the dinosaurs so big? Why does the Universe spin? Is the Sun seem brighter in the morning than the evening? Are autistic people particularly at home with computers? Why do effervescent tablets fizz only in…
17 May 631 episodes English Science

The Naked Scientists Podcast - Stripping Down Science

The Naked Scientists flagship science show brings you a lighthearted look at the latest scientific breakthroughs, interviews with the world's top scientists, answers to your science questions and science experiments to try at home.
17 May 50 episodes English Science

Naked Genetics

From plants to pathogens, fruit flies to fungi and hamsters to humans, Naked Genetics takes a look at the science of genes. With in-depth interviews, the latest news from the world of genetics, answers to your questions, and our gene of the month, tune in for a look inside your…
2 May 82 episodes English Science

Naked Neuroscience

Open your mind with Naked Neuroscience, the spine-tingling, interactive monthly exploration of the workings of the nervous system from the Naked Scientists.
30 Apr 57 episodes English Science

Naked Astronomy

We look at the latest news from the stars, planets and other heavenly bodies. Plus interviews with professional astronomers and the answers to your space science questions.
28 Apr 50 episodes English Science

Special Editions

Probing the weird, wacky and spectacular, the Naked Scientists Special Editions are special one-off scientific reports, investigations and interviews on cutting-edge topics by the Naked Scientists team.
1 Apr 961 episodes English Science

Quick Fire Science

Quick fire facts on hot science news stories…
26 Sep 2013 37 episodes English Science

Naked Oceans

From seagrass to sunfish, dugongs to diatoms, Naked Oceans uncovers the hidden secrets of the sea. Join us in conversation with top marine experts as we explore the latest ocean science and conservation and answer your aquatic questions.
10 Sep 2011 4 episodes English Science

Naked Archaeology

Where did the Nazca Lines come from? Who built Stonehenge, and what secrets lie concealed within Egypt's pyramids? To find out, join the Naked Archaeologists as they undress the past…
16 Oct 2011 1 episodes English Science


The Naked Scientists have joined forces with the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), the Pan Africa Chemistry Network and Channel Africa to produce a special thirty minute weekly edition of the Naked Scientists for broadcast across Africa and the rest of the world.
11 Sep 2011 1 episodes English Science