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The Carmen Murray Show - Conscious Conversations

There is no doubt that the business sector wields plenty of power; power that can shape the world. And if applied with a conscience, positively impact all spheres of civilisation.

In Conscious Conversations, host Carmen Murray chats with a fascinating array of industry leaders and pioneers to explore how doing business with the greater good in mind can lead to better returns and a better South Africa for all.

Join Carmen on her voyage of discovery as she unearths the value, nobility, prosperity, and opportunity that is part and parcel of ethical capitalism.

About Carmen:
A multiple marketing award winner, founder of Carmen Murray Communications, activist, and torchbearer for diversity and inclusion. Carmen was recently recognised by Meltwater as one of the top Women in Tech across Africa.
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S02 #125 My Story Beyond Privilege | Michelle Israel

Not everything is as it seems. A journey from pain to purpose. In this episode of the Conscious LeadHERS podcast, hosted by The Carmen Murray Show, we sit down with Michelle Israel, an NLP coach and well-being and mental health expert who also serves on the Conscious LeadHERS advisory board,…
15 Jul 1 hr 07 min

S02 #124 Grounded in a Chaotic World | Taz Singh

Energy management, grounding tips, and techniques for a busy life. In this episode of the Conscious LeadHERS podcast, hosted by The Carmen Murray Show, we sit down with Taz Singh, a world-renowned medium, to discuss the theme "Grounded in a Chaotic World." Taz shares her wisdom on energy management, grounding…
15 Jul 40 min

S02 #123 Pain to purpose - A story of healing and triumph | Athi Mbete

Join host Carmen Murray on The Carmen Murray Show for Conscious Leadhers as she delves deep into the inspiring journey of Athi Mbete. In this moving episode, Carmen Murray sits down with Athi Mbete, the inspiring founder of TransEra Solutions, to explore her extraordinary journey from trauma to triumph. Athi…
20 Jun 52 min

S02 #122 The Phoenix within | Dr Sane Ngidi

Trusting myself when pain thrives and nothing makes sense. Join host Carmen Murray on the Conscious Leadhers Podcast as she delves deep into the inspiring journey of Dr. Sane Ngidi, a remarkable woman who has traversed the realms of academia, corporate leadership, and personal adversity with grace and resilience. In…
15 May 50 min

#121 MenoMove | Colleen Larsen

A menopause movement to help corporates support women. MenoMove, a groundbreaking initiative by Business Engage, revolutionising corporate culture by advocating for menopause awareness, support, and education in the workplace. MenoMove aims to dismantle the stigma surrounding menopause and foster inclusive environments where employees feel understood and supported. This is a…
13 May 28 min

#120 Everything is Connected | Adriana Marais

Chance favours those who lead with interconnectedness. What a profound conversation ... BIG AHA MOMENTS. If you have an open mind, want to explore interconnectedness, and the incredible possibility to dance with the deep respect with life here and beyond, this is for you. This is a conversation about the…
30 Apr 1 hr 01 min

#119 Apathy - The Hope Stealer

Use your vote for a hopeful future from brands to political parties. In this engaging session with Khanyisa Phika (Economist | Absip Women In Focus | Advisory Board:Conscious LeadHERS), Bronwyn Williams (Futurist and Partner Flux Trends, Economist; Advisory Board: Conscious LeadHERS), and Sanisha Packirisamy (Economist and columnist for Financial Times),…
23 Apr 58 min

#118 Authentic Leadership

Sacrificing your authenticity comes at a cost. You don't want to miss this one! Dr. Melanie Van Rooy will blow your minds away with her insights, stories, and personality. She is a flamingo amongst a flock of pigeons. I find her so inspirational, and her insights into authentic leadership are…
3 Apr 51 min

#117 Culture catalysts have coaching power | Lyndy van den Barselaar

We are moving into an era of soft skills. In this conversation with Lyndy van den Barselaar, Managing Director at ManpowerGroup, we explore the profound shift from traditional mentorship to a coaching mindset, and how this transformation is shaping the way we lead teams and cultivate workplace culture. As the…
27 Mar 43 min

#116 How to build a personal brand with purpose

Authentic personal branding needs an audacious inside-out approach. In order to make an impact on the world, it is equally important to build an authentic personal brand with purpose. It allows you to get into the rooms you want to change (or create a new one)! 💟 You are a…
27 Mar 57 min

#115 CO-LAB is CO-FUN | Melanie van Rooy

Marketing done the right way. In this vibrant conversation, Carmen Murray sits down with Dr Melanie van Rooy, an old friend, to talk about the power of collaboration and how we can do marketing the right way, by co-innovating with our customers. These insights will leave you in awe! Herewith…
26 Mar 43 min

#114 Menopause Dialogues | Xoli Madlala

Talking symptoms, silver linings, and truth bombs. Welcome to today's episode of The Carmen Murray Show! We dive headfirst into an important and often overlooked topic: perimenopause. As many of you may already know, I'm currently navigating the complexities of perimenopause myself, and I've been on a quest to engage…
25 Mar 52 min

#113 Understanding your Spiritual Awakening | Shaye Jonosky

The return to self. The global night of the soul and the spiritual awakening. The views expressed in the content (video, blog, podcast, article, etc.) are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the author's employer, company, institution, or other associated parties. Shaye Jonosky,…
7 Mar 27 min

#112 Planning your Psychedelic Journey | Shaye Jonosky

Why are people turning to medicine and forests? The views expressed in the content (video, blog, podcast, article, etc.) are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the author's employer, company, institution, or other associated parties. In this episode, Shaye Jonosky, Reiki Master, Medicine…
7 Mar 40 min

#111 The Wonders of Difference | Dharshni Padayachee

The ripple effect of safe spaces. In this insightful episode, Carmen engages in a candid and thought-provoking conversation with Dharshni Padayachee, focusing on the crucial topic of safe spaces and the pivotal role women play in fostering inclusivity. Delving into the essence of creating environments where individuals feel heard, valued,…
27 Feb 39 min

#110 Embracing the Pause | Petro du Pisani

Taking a Conscious Sabbatical from High-Pressure Corporate Careers. I have never felt so vulnerable, yet I loved being so vulnerable in a guest interview. This is why we need more authentic conversations that bring us to a higher level of awareness. Absolutely brilliant insights! - Carmen In this episode of…
27 Feb 52 min

#109 Building Economic Resilience | Khanyisa Phika

From Personal Finance to National Prosperity. Join us as we delve into the heart of South Africa's budget speech, deciphering its implications for everyday citizens. From dissecting the trickle-down effect to exploring the challenges and opportunities it presents, we navigate the complex world of finance and economics to empower our…
27 Feb 45 min

#108 Democracy at the crossroads | Bronwyn Williams

Talking politics, greed, technology, and action. In this episode, Carmen Murray and Bronwyn Williams cover various global political and economic trends, including issues such as the lack of trust in institutions, the impact of technology and AI, the role of women in leadership, and advice for conscious leaders. They delve…
13 Feb 47 min

#107 End of a period | Demystifying the transition stage of menopause

In this episode, Carmen Murray and Cindy Gallop (CEO, Make Love Not Porn | Diversity, Equity and Inclusion activist) focus on the often-overlooked subjects of menopause and ageism. They highlight the scarcity of open discussions and research on menopause and stress the importance of viewing this stage of life positively,…
23 Jan 26 min

#106 Cracking the Code | How diversity unlocks solutions for a better world

In this episode, our guest Marisa Jansen van Vuuren, a seasoned CMO, mom, and advocate for diversity and inclusion in the tech industry, shares valuable insights into the tech developments and perspectives on what we should expect to see in Africa, both in industry and economy. Marisa shares her 'aha'…
8 Jan 50 min
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