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Labour Matters with Andrew Levy

23 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±12 min episode every 4 weeks, 4 days
Andrew Levy Employment are specialists in all matters of employment law and practice, and have been offering advice and guiding leading employers for over 40 years.

We are leaders in employment relations, labour market analysis, and economic forecasting. We provide high-level advisory services, educational seminars and training, and in-depth analysis in the broader labour market.

With over forty years of experience in dealing with and managing labour law and employment relations, Andrew Levy Consulting offers clients hands-on assistance with any labour related matter.

Our consulting services have been used by HR teams, executives, directors, shareholders and general managers for decades. Our pragmatic, solutions-focused approach continues to prove effective at resolving any labour related matter, allowing our clients to continuously improve their human capital strategy.

Education Incorporated (Edu Inc) Private School

56 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±16 min episode every 3 weeks, 6 days
Edu Inc is a registered, affordable, IEB Private School in Fourways South Africa teaching grades 4 to 12 with 10 children per class.

Choosing the right school for your child is one of the biggest responsibilites of being a parent.

With our very small classes, each child is assured personal attention from our qualified and caring teachers. As a mainstream IEB GDE-registered and Umalusi-accredited school, our Matrics write the same exams as the other private IEB schools you are familiar with.

We’re extremely proud of our 100% pass rate and look forward to answering any questions you may have about Edu Inc.

This podcast channel will give you some insight into how Edu Inc operates and communicates with its community.

Everlytic Bytes

19 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±9 min episode every 5 weeks
Do you want to run more effective direct marketing campaigns? Then listen up.

Everlytic is a digital communication platform that gives businesses the tools to create and send bulk, automated, hyper-personalised emails, SMSs, and voice broadcasts. We developed this podcast, Everlytic Bytes, to provide direct marketers with short snippets of value from professionals in the industry.

Ready to play?

From expert chats, to thought leadership and case studies, this podcast provides you with helpful nuggets of information to advance your campaigns to new heights.

Let’s go!

Audiobook Narrators from Vox - find your voice #BeHeard

20 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±3 min episode every 4 weeks, 3 days
Are you looking for the perfect voice to narrate your next Audiobook?

Your search is over!

Our selection of voices deliver professional readings for every kind of book you can imagine.

To be understood, you must first be heard.

another Solid Gold podcast #BeHeard

Podcast Hosts from Vox - find your voice #BeHeard

15 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±1 min episode every 7 weeks, 3 days
Are you looking for the perfect host for your next podcast?

Your search is over!

Our selection of voices deliver professional performances for every kind of interview, performance, or conversation you can imagine.

To be understood, you must first be heard.

Love Makes You Strong | A conversation with TAWVN & Timothy Maurice Webster

4 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±7 min episode every day
Get a sneak peek into who the super-talented, multi-disciplinary and multi-genre musician, The Artist With Various Names (TAWVN) is, why she is constantly breaking conventional norms, and how she always seems to get away with it.

For sure, there's a method to this madness.

TAWVN wants to instil pride within people whose identities have been ignored and almost erased in society.

Timothy Maurice Webster, a 4-time bestselling behavioural psychology author, interviews the envelope-pushing, groundbreaking artist TAWVN over a 4-part podcast series.

In this journey that we’re about to embark on, TAWVN and Timothy explore the deep interconnectedness that TAWVN has with her music, the soil, the Universe, the Earth, and the deepest parts of her Soul. We also learn how her Grandma’s Love, the Zulu philosophy of Ubuntu, and being a part of the Circle of Life have nurtured her ability to love, express, and connect.

The Zulu Kingdom's very own Grio in training and Africa's proudest Nerd is sharing her fountain of wisdom and knowledge…but most importantly her heart.


8 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±44 min episode every 3 weeks, 3 days
At Ferring, people come first.

Ferring Pharmaceuticals South Africa is a speciality, research-driven biopharmaceutical company that identifies, develops, manufactures and markets innovative products in the fields of reproductive health, urology, gastroenterology and endocrinology.

Buddies For Life

1 EPISODES |  Podcast
Buddies For Life informs and inspires all those who have, or are affected by breast cancer or other cancers. Buddies For Life is committed to working with all stakeholders to find solutions aimed at improving the quality, lifestyle, satisfaction, enjoyment and activities of people affected by breast cancer
and other cancers.

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