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Ghost Lights from Thompson Harrison

Welcome to Ghost Lights from Thompson Harrison
Hosted by Tracey Camilleri and Sam Rockey

Exploring how leaders can build ‘human-shaped organisations’ by learning from the humanities – that repository of all that is most human.

Join Tracey, Sam and their guests as they reimagine ways of creating enabling corporate and institutional environments within which everyone - from the most senior to the youngest recruit - can learn and thrive. They consider leadership at an angle rather than head-on – looking through the lens of philosophy, literature, art, history, psychology for new insights, language and approaches.

In each episode they will host a leading thinker or practitioner from the humanities, and reflect together on how their experience and wisdom can have relevance to those leading organisations through the pandemic.
Occasionally English South Africa Business · Management
18 Episodes

The New Frontier for Great Organisations | Reima Shakeir

In this short podcast, Reima Shakeir reflects on the current state of belonging and inclusion in business and academia. Reima sees a shared sense of belonging as the hallmark of advanced societies and communities - and the key to employee retention and happiness. As she says, "People want to be…
5 Dec 2022 26 min

Toxic Charisma | Jon Stokes

The problem with charismatic leaders. What is charisma, how does it benefit leaders, and how can it be toxic? Why do people follow charismatic leaders, even when it might not be good for them? Why should leaders develop an inspirational leadership style rather than relying on charisma? Jon Stokes is…
12 May 2022 37 min

The Dynamics of Power | Robert Rowland Smith

In my conversation with philosopher Robert Rowland Smith, we explore the dimensions of power. If power is the ability to make things happen in accordance with our will, why do some people crave more power than others? What are the real drivers of power? What do the philosophers say about…
6 May 2022 27 min

AI, Ethics, Oceans, The Metaverse, and Talking with Whales | Bryce Goodman

How Humans can Surprise Themselves Guest: Bryce Goodman, Chief Strategist for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at the Department of Defense’s Innovation Unit. Bryce works at the intersection of developing technologies and emerging societal needs. In this wide-ranging conversation he considers the governance challenges for business leaders as they strive…
11 Mar 2022 27 min

Weaving Supply Chain Magic | Ramatu Abdulkadir

Dealing with Healthcare Challenges in Nigeria. Ramatu Abdulkadir (Public Health Supply Chain Expert) is someone who well understands the challenges of getting in-date medicines to the right people at the right time in a pandemic. She has spent a lifetime grappling at the hard edge of an under-invested in healthcare…
1 Feb 2022 20 min

A Call to Radical Pragmatism | Enaam Ahmed-Ali

This conversation between Tracey Camilleri and Enaam Ahmed Ali looks at the world through a gendered lens. Who better to do that than Enaam, 2022’s UN Women’s Representative for Climate Change and Technology? Enaam has spent 2021 talking to women around the world about the way in which climate change…
9 Nov 2021 24 min

The Optimism Addict - a Conversation with Thami Schweichler

Connecting Talent with Opportunity Guest: Thami Schweichler (Makers Unite) In this episode Tracey Camilleri talks to Thami Schweichler, the inspirational founder of Makers Unite, a sustainable clothing manufacturer based in the Netherlands that uses design as the mechanism to connect refugees with local people, businesses and ultimately with opportunity. The…
4 Nov 2021 25 min

Re-imagining Leadership | Shruthi Vijayakumar

Building an interconnected and thriving world for all. With our Guest, Shruthi Vijayakumar. In this episode Shruthi shares her own story of courage and change. As a young change-maker, Shruthi's work focuses on re-imagining how society can be designed to ensure a positive social impact for all. Drawing on ancient…
27 Jul 2021 33 min

Lifelong Learning and Doing | Dr. Alistair Mokoena

Why people don't care how much you know, unless they know how much you care Dr. Alistair Mokoena (Google South Africa Country Director) In this episode, Sam Rockey picks up on a conversation she started with Dr. Alistair Mokoena fifteen years ago that inspired her own work. Drawing on his…
18 Mar 2021 32 min

The Joys of the 'Not to Do List' | Kathryn Bishop

And Other Strategies for Women Leaders In this episode Kathryn Bishop (Director of Oxford Said Business School's Women Transforming Leadership Programme and The Oxford Women's Leadership Development Programme) talks about her new book 'Make Your Own Map'. The book is designed as a practical strategy guide for aspiring women. Kathryn…
22 Feb 2021 27 min

The Transforming Power of Creativity | Samenua Sesher

Stop playing it safe In this podcast Tracey Camilleri and Samenua Sesher explore the power of art to renew, re-engage and reinvigorate, especially during times of trauma. As the Founder of the digital Museum of Colour, Samenua reflects on some of the creative journeys of her contributors – and on…
20 Jan 2021 25 min

Reading Between the Lines | Ben Morgan

Language and Power - how does it work? Dr. Ben Morgan In this episode Tracey Camilleri talks to poet, academic, essayist and writer Ben Morgan looks under the bonnet at how language really works and why, when used well, it is effective. How has the recent outburst of joy around…
14 Nov 2020 30 min

An impatient desire to change the status quo | Dr Yoge Patel

Taking (unmanned) flight Dr Yoge Patel (Blue Bear Systems | CEO) In this first of Series Two of our Ghost Lights Podcasts we focus on How to Begin. Here we have the good fortune to talk to tech entrepreneur Dr Yoge Patel, CEO of Blue Bear Systems a UK leader…
1 Oct 2020 29 min

At any Moment Everything can Change | Margaret Heffernan

A conversation with Margaret Heffernan In this wide ranging episode Tracey talks to Margaret Heffernan about the importance of paying attention to what is not being said - as well as learning to listen closely to others who have a very different perspective and experience of life. She ponders the…
18 Jul 2020 34 min

Leonardo, Lock-down and Lateral Thinking | Martin Kemp

A Conversation with Professor Martin Kemp Martin Kemp (Trinity College, Oxford | Emeritus Professor) In this episode, Tracey Camilleri talks to Oxford art historian, author, academic and world expert on Leonardo da Vinci, Professor Martin Kemp. Originally trained as a scientist, Kemp speaks about the advantages of looking at the…
7 Jul 2020 30 min

Listening out for the stories that need to be told - a film maker's view | Sally Angel

Learning from the interface between documentary making and psychotherapy Sally Angel (Angelica Films | Creative Director) In this episode Sam Rockey is in conversation with Sally Angel, Creative Director of Angelica Films, psychotherapist, Emmy and BAFTA Award winning Documentary Film maker. Sally shares why psychotherapy and documentary film making have…
26 Jun 2020 25 min

Leadership during the pandemic - a philosopher's perspective | Robert Rowland Smith

Robert sets a leadership thought experiment and discusses fear and love Robert Rowland Smith, Philosopher, Author, Commentator and Consultant Robert turns to philosophy to help leaders make sense of the experience with the pandemic. Robert talks about fear and love, the philosophical nature of uncertainty, the idea that the virus…
12 May 2020 25 min

What makes us human? | Robin Dunbar

Being human in a digital context Robin Dunbar (Emeritus Professor of Evolutionary Psychology | Magdalen College, Oxford University) In this first episode, Tracey Camilleri talks to Prof Robin Dunbar of "Dunbar number" * fame. He is Emeritus Professor of Evolutionary Psychology at Magdalen College, Oxford University. Robin brings his years…
30 Apr 2020 25 min