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SA People - Your Worldwide South African Community

Welcome to SAPeople Podcast where you can join us for your regular fix of SA culture, skinder, news and get the low-down on all the good stuff happening at home and abroad. entertains, informs, inspires and connects South Africans globally.


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#118 We Bless the Rains Down in Africa

... and The People Who Keep us Proudly SA With Tears of joy and sadness being shed for various South Africans at home and abroad, Jenni Baxter and Melanie Walker visit the stories that make their hearts druk 'n punt. Britain and America's Got Talent are finding out just how…
31 May 32 min

#117 Looking for a Lift in Your Spirits?

Then Listen Here! keeps people in touch, wherever in the world they may be. From Durban to Dubai, PE to Portugal, and Hollywood to Hollyveldt, Saffers can find out what's happening with people from their home towns. Looking into some strange happenings from the mists of time in the…
24 May 42 min

#116 More Power to the Wonderful Women

Of Queens in Every Form Forget loadshedding and winter for a short while - let Jenni Baxter and Melanie Walker warm the cockles of your heart with the heartwarming stories coming out of South Africa - and from Saffers doing extraordinary things abroad. Whether it's sport, survival training innie bos,…
17 May 34 min

#115 Ahoy There! Join the Saffer Get-together

SAPeople Have It All Coronation Chickens have been popped into the fridge (or left out in the cold now that winter has hit), and other Chickens are coming home to roost! Want to know about Urns, Rowing, Scottie Dogs, Olive Oil and how they relate to Saffers at home and…
10 May 40 min

#114 Nothing Wrong with a (Double) Blonde Moment!

It's Saffer fun around the world with Jen & Mel Making a big noise in the Saffer universe, Pretty Yende and Coronation Chicken, the 1st woman - and she's proudly SA - to win a round the world yacht race, a breakdown of the New Money (and who to share…
5 May 41 min

#113 Giving South Africans a Voice!

And some of the best voice artists in the world... isn't just about bringing the good news stories that really matter to Saffers at home and abroad - it's also about giving people a Voice, a place to show what strong stuff we're made of! Our K9 Units, Fireside…
26 Apr 41 min

#112 Don't Go Barking up the Wrong Tree!

Join Us in the Forest of Good News Of Doctorates, 2m beds on planes, Photography, marathon runners, Potjes and (apparent) Real Housewives, the range of topics surrounding Saffers at home and abroad is egte diverse! Join Jenni Baxter and Melanie Walker for this week's podcast to discover more!
20 Apr 30 min

#111 Carrie On, Carrying On!

With Derek's Devils! There's no stopping the irrepressible Connoisseur, Carrie Adams, as she joins Jenni Baxter and Melanie Walker of - No - they're not Charlie's Angels (or angelic in any way), but have decided to be Derek Watt's #1 fangirls. From drone saviours, to local heroes, gardening and…
12 Apr 38 min

#110 Watt's Up? Howzit Saffers...

Let us Spin you Some Tall Tales. 30 minutes of great news awaits you on this week's Podcast. SA stalwart Derek Watts is on the mend, our golfers are swinging high and mighty, hemp buildings are on the rise, Spinners are taking top honours on the small screen, and…
5 Apr 29 min

#109 Getting Those en-Dolphins Going

Of Finny and Funny Stuff A week that sees SA Funny Man Trevor Noah hitting town, 5 Saffers out of over 3000 billionaires making the top spot in the world, Dolphins in the bay, and hints on the best places to see Homo Sapiens au naturel! It's the Ride of…
29 Mar 36 min

#108 Of Slimy and Slithering Things…

SAPeople is Cleaning up (and SA) Never fear when Jen and Mel are near. Just #listenhere for the latest stories about lovely Saffer people, bromances and snêks!
22 Mar 34 min

#107 Don't Shut Down - Switch On!

Of Scottish Accents and Parktown Prawns. This week, the blondes (Jenni Baxter of in Antibes, and Melanie Walker, Joburg correspondent) tackle issues as diverse as whether Parktown Prawns travel well, How to Get Ahead in Hollywood, everyday heroes in SA, how YouTubers get their bucks, and how the Bokke…
15 Mar 39 min

#106 Ons Soek Jou Goeie Nuus!

We've Got This! We may be power deficient - but we have a lovely bunch of Tomatoes! In a week that sees many past their prime being shuffled around (ministers, that is, not tomatoes), Jenni Baxter and Melanie Walker of sauce... um, Source the good news South African stories…
8 Mar 36 min

#105 Always Look on the Bright (not light) Side of Life

Bright sparks giving you a Liff... In a place mostly covered with reports of doom and gloom, Jenni Baxter and Melanie Walker bring you the Brighter Side of what's happening in Sunny SA. If you're an expat or a stay-at-Home, Listen here to find out what our amazing people are…
1 Mar 30 min

#104 Don't Ask What Your Country Can Do For You

Do What you Can for Your People Looking on the positive side, Jenni Baxter (who's being left out of the loadshedding woes as she's sitting pretty in Antibes!) and Melanie Walker (who rarely has any lightbulbs happening in her house :D ) don't need to go scrabbling around in the…
22 Feb 34 min

#103 Now Now. Don't Get Confused

SAPeople will Be With You Just Now! Hit the link... A doubly disastrous state of affairs for the Government, but Jenni Baxter, chief cook and bottle washer of and Melanie Walker (a minion) find the fun and good news stories making waves across the world of Saffers and Expats…
15 Feb 32 min

#102 This is the Place to hear About SA's Special Stars

Music, Sport, Good Deeds and more.... When it feels like the world is collapsing around you, Jenni Baxter and Melanie Walker go on a mission to find the great stories and events happening concerning Saffers at home and abroad to prop you up. Gift of the Givers is in the…
8 Feb 32 min

#101 How to Spot SAffers Abroad

They're the Ones Listening to! State of Disaster? What Disaster?! South Africans still have their sense of humour - and we need it what with tigers roaming the streets of Gauteng. (Although we shouldn't be alarmed - the Cougars have been prowling the Northern Suburbs for years...) We get…
1 Feb 32 min

#100 Marching into the Enlightenment... in Vellies

All the People marching today (for anti-corruption, load-shedding, cadre deployment or varsity students) will be wishing they had a comfy pair of shoes to do it in. On this, our 100th episode of's podcast, Jenni Baxter and Melanie Walker are joined by occasional guest, Nick Dreyer to celebrate not…
25 Jan 43 min

#099 #FreetoBeSouthAfrica - And you're free to join us!

Jenni Baxter and Melanie Walker have those stories making the news by the tail (including the sad tale of the tiger....) Things to think about - the number of cougars walking the streets in Joburg; how to see the light when all around you may seem dark; when is a…
18 Jan 28 min
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