Do you suffer from collectivism? Collectivity? Collectionitis? Do you have an obsession with objects? Are you a fanatic? A devotee? An aficionado? Are you someone exhibiting enthusiasm or strong passion?

CliffCentral dispenses a weekly dose of COLLECTOMANIA! Join Gareth Cliff every week, as he talks to compulsive collectors. It’s sure to be fascinating, intriguing… and possibly a little weird.

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Robbie Carlos collects playing cards from various trading card games, and he has thousands in his collection! He explains the difference between Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, Cardfight!! Vanguard, and Digimon - and the value of trading cards and how they’re acquired.
25 Jul 2022 28 min

The Mandela Centre of Memory

For Mandela Day, we thought we would look at a very special collection… the Archive at The Centre of Memory, which is a space where the legacy of Nelson Mandela is preserved. To tell us more about it, we are joined by the head of the Archive and Research department,…
18 Jul 2022 22 min

From Coin to NFT

The South African Gold Coin Exchange and The Scoin Shop have partnered with South African NFT marketplace Momint to tokenise a R18m ZAR coin collection. Rael Demby and Adam Romyn join the team to tell us more about this project.
11 Jul 2022 18 min

The Poozeum

This week Gareth and Leigh-Ann chat to George Frandsen, who is based in Florida in the USA, about the Poozeum that he runs. The Poozeum is the Guinness World Records title holder for the largest collection of coprolites - including the largest dinosaur poop!
4 Jul 2022 30 min

Zaid’s Comic Book Collection

Zaid Motala collects comic books, action figures and Funko Pops - but in this episode we focus on his comic book collection. He opens up about what made him start his collection, how he stores them, and how he has even dabbled in the creation of his own comic book…
27 Jun 2022 26 min

Gareth’s Book Collection

Ever wondered what Gareth Cliff gets up to in his spare time? Well, in this episode he talks about his amazing book collection, and reveals just how much of a nerd he really is. He also shares some of the stories behind acquiring some of these books - many of…
20 Jun 2022 30 min

Maps Maponyane’s hats

Maps Maponyane is a TV presenter, model, actor, style icon, designer, businessman, and philanthropist. What you might not know about him, is that he also collects all sorts of hats and caps! He talks about the influence of his grandfather, and how he still tips his hat when greeting.
13 Jun 2022 28 min

The Dark Side of Collecting

This week the team unpacks the dark side of collecting with Rael Demby. They venture into stories of smuggling, sanctions, fakes, and forgeries that expose the underbelly of this usually fun hobby.
6 Jun 2022 32 min

The Fairy Queen of SA!

Chantelle started collecting fairies about 6 years ago. She shares how her purchases depend on the pound-rand exchange, and how she keeps children away from her collection.
30 May 2022 24 min

The Art of Bonsai

Terry Erasmus is passionate about Japanese bonsai. He has a YouTube channel where he demonstrates and teaches a variety of skills and techniques associated with growing, refining and maintaining many different species of trees. He joins the show to talk about his amazing bonsai collection.
23 May 2022 34 min

Cruising for Shot Glasses

Last time we spoke to Josh, who was just starting his shot glasses from around the world collection... which led to Chantal getting in touch with us about her own impressive stash. Chantal has worked as an aerialist on cruise ships, and even toured the world with Cirque du Soleil…
16 May 2022 20 min

Shot Glasses of the World

Josh Todes has started a collection of shot glasses from around the world. He once went to a friend’s house and saw he had a wall of fridge magnets with the names of each city or country he had visited around the world, to remember where he had travelled. So…
9 May 2022 8 min

Wayne’s Sports Memorabilia

Wayne Berger is a technology entrepreneur who has worked with CliffCentral for many years. He is also a sports fanatic, and has collected some really interesting memorabilia over the years, while also helping multiple charities.
25 Apr 2022 25 min

The Bunny Hop Haven

Andy is an educator by profession, a huge animal lover, and a ‘bunny collector’. The Bunny Hop Haven came into existence when she rescued some rabbits from a nursery school in 2014. She created the centre to connect children with animals.
19 Apr 2022 15 min

Sandra’s ukuleles

Last year around this time we spoke to Gareth’s brother Rob about his Lego and action figures collections - and this week we are joined by his sister Sandra. She has a bunch of ukuleles, and we find out the story behind her collection.
11 Apr 2022 19 min

Clyde’s Antiques

Clyde Terry is one of the leading antique dealers in South Africa - and the man behind one of Joburg’s legendary antique stores. He joins us to talk about his personal collection… and we also get a glimpse into the life of an antique dealer from his many personal stories.
4 Apr 2022 32 min

The Art of Philately

Ian Matheson joins us this week as we delve into the world of stamp collecting. There are more than simple postage stamps to this hobby, which includes quite a bit of history. Ian is also a master storyteller, who regales the team with amusing tales from his many years of…
28 Mar 2022 29 min

Dr D and her Red Bottoms

This week we have a very special guest on Collectomania - Dr Dorianne Weil (better known as Dr D). She shows off her extensive shoe collection, name drops a few high-end designer brands, shares why she has them displayed in her bathroom, and explains a bit about the psychology behind…
14 Mar 2022 26 min

Sipping Tea with Penny Stein

Our friend Penny Stein returns for Collectomania, and this time she wants to brag about her amazing collection of tea sets! She admits that she’s a total tea snob, and she answers the age-old question of milk or tea first.
7 Mar 2022 29 min

The South African Potterhead

YouTuber Quintin Wils joins us to talk about his incredible Harry Potter collection. He has around 1,200 collectables, which include prop replicas from the movies, funko pops, wands, t-shirts... and even a life-sized Dobby the elf!
28 Feb 2022 29 min
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