The Art of Bonsai

Terry Erasmus is passionate about Japanese bonsai. He has a YouTube channel where he demonstrates and teaches a variety of skills and techniques associated with growing, refining and maintaining many different species of trees. He joins the show to talk about his amazing bonsai collection.
23 May 2022 English South Africa Hobbies · Society & Culture

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Robbie Carlos collects playing cards from various trading card games, and he has thousands in his collection! He explains the difference between Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, Cardfight!! Vanguard, and Digimon - and the value of trading cards and how they’re acquired.
25 Jul 2022 28 min

The Mandela Centre of Memory

For Mandela Day, we thought we would look at a very special collection… the Archive at The Centre of Memory, which is a space where the legacy of Nelson Mandela is preserved. To tell us more about it, we are joined by the head of the Archive and Research department,…
18 Jul 2022 22 min

From Coin to NFT

The South African Gold Coin Exchange and The Scoin Shop have partnered with South African NFT marketplace Momint to tokenise a R18m ZAR coin collection. Rael Demby and Adam Romyn join the team to tell us more about this project.
11 Jul 2022 18 min

The Poozeum

This week Gareth and Leigh-Ann chat to George Frandsen, who is based in Florida in the USA, about the Poozeum that he runs. The Poozeum is the Guinness World Records title holder for the largest collection of coprolites - including the largest dinosaur poop!
4 Jul 2022 30 min

Zaid’s Comic Book Collection

Zaid Motala collects comic books, action figures and Funko Pops - but in this episode we focus on his comic book collection. He opens up about what made him start his collection, how he stores them, and how he has even dabbled in the creation of his own comic book…
27 Jun 2022 26 min