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ZedAlpha with Dean McCoubrey

Our children, GenZ and GenAlpha, are caught in the crosshairs of a technological explosion that could make or break their future. Standing at that fork in the road is ‘profit at all costs’ CEOs and voracious shareholders, prioritising dividends over ethics, and compromising the privacy, security, attention and mental health of those who cannot yet fend for their digital rights or the future that demands a crisis intervention.

As adults, parents, teachers, citizens, or investors, can we do better? Which global voices, and which conscious business leaders are taking a stand to protect our kids.

A tall order, they’re the graduating demographic expected to inject ethics into AI and VR, to course-correct climate change, and to realise the great opportunities promised by the industrial revolution.

These voices, activists and change makers are the ‘Guardians of ZedAlpha'.
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4 Episodes

Kids, Anxiety, & Devices | David Rosenstein

With an expert in CBT and Neuroscience. MySociaLife Founder talks with good friend Dr. David Rosenstein about the changing landscape of mental health in relation to teens and tweens on smart devices, social media platforms and games. A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Psychiatry from Stellenbosch University, David is a Clinical…
21 Sep 55 min

Gen-Z: are they aliens? | Steven Robertson

In this episode, Steven Robertson, author of Aliens Among Us: Ten Surprising Truths about Gen Z, talks to host Dean McCoubrey about his book, generation Z, the perfect storm, and the invisible syllabus.
21 Apr 1 hr 05 min

Welcome to ZedAlpha

If you're a parent, a teacher or a psychologist, do you ask yourself "how safe are our children?" Do they grasp what big tech has planned for them? What are they trading with every click? And can they springboard off the greatest technological point in our history, and explore and…
3 Nov 2022 1 min