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The drive to work has just become a little less stressful. Jacques will give you many reasons to laugh!
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Tina Turner 1939 - 2023

The first artist to have a top 40 hit in seven consecutive decades Over 100 million records sold. A total of 12 Grammy Awards. Inducted into the Rock n ROll Hall of Fame TWICE!! RIP to one of the Greatest!
25 May 3 min

This wall smells like sh.........

Who knew diapers and cement production were huge polluters!? Turns out, you can try and fix the2 problems with 1 brilliant idea!!! Just don't mind the peanut in the wall…
24 May 2 min

The Chosen One!!!

Jacques had a chat with Geraldine Beukes, Radiowave's Chosen One!!!
17 May 5 min

A truly SUCKY way to wake up...

Staying at a hotel, one would expect certain amenities... but I don't think I've ever seen this on the list of services…
10 May 2 min


Feeling fluish? Don't give a Near Cough... instead, why don't you Far Cough!!!
10 May 2 min

Pixies made me late for work...

Turns out, when you combine a certain brand of smart phone, with a certain band's song, your phone alarm is about as a effective as... well... NO alarm!
9 May 2 min

It's a kids game! Calm down!!!

A baseball little league in the States found a solution to parents who feel the need to get a little loud and rude with the umpires during the kids' matches!!!
3 May 2 min

Video Games = $$$

Some guy spent millions so his weapon in a video game could look a certain way... Seriously!? Find out what it was... ALSO: Guest appearance by G from the Vibe Drive, where he lets us know... How much has HE spent on video games!?
27 Apr 5 min

Who the heck is Clara Pierce???

Miley Cyrus, recently dropped her new album "Endless Summer Vacation!" But on the same day, an unknown artist, Clara Pierce ALSO released an album, that sounds a lot like Miley... Hmmm... thoughts?
27 Apr 3 min

The FINAL Carpool Karaoke!

The Late Late Show airs it's final episode today (27/04/23), and so a previous guest, and good friend of show host James Corden showed up, to put HIM in the passenger seat for a change! It was an emotional episode where James and his guest (a multi platinum, multi award…
26 Apr 6 min
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