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The Vibe Drive with G & Yanika

Your workday is almost over and G & Yanika are here to accompany you on your drive home with the latest in gaming and tech news, jokes that will make you crack, and a mean music mix.
1 Mar 64 episodes English Music

Lunch with Laimi

Lunch with Laimi, is filled with all things local; topics that affect the average Namibian. We could tell you just how smart she is, but since she holds a Bachelor’s in Public Management, we’ll let the papers do the talking.
1 Mar 71 episodes English Education · Business

Karlien on Nova

You want a friend, a friend that’s not perfect. A friend that sees the lighter side of life (perhaps weirder side) and takes your attention away from your own issues for a while. A friend who manages to make you see your issues differently. Perhaps making you realize that your…
1 Mar 5AM 120 episodes English Music Commentary · Society & Culture

Fresh Breakfast with NSK & Shai_Quan

Fresh Breakfast. NSK a true son of the soil from Walvis Bay is a seasoned radio personality with 12 years' experience. Having started out on campus radio at UNAM before joining Energy 100, One FM and then Fresh FM. He is an MC as well as an actor. Shai_Quan has…
1 Mar 628 episodes English News · Music

The Business Report

Catch Business Report content live on Nova 103.5FM on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6, with repeats on Wednesday and Friday mornings from 5:30am. Feature stories, interviews with local economists, updates from different sectors of Namibian society, stock analysis with "The Finance Ghost", and of course the Spotlight Feature where…
29 Feb 472 episodes English Business · Business News

Omulunga - Okashona

Rise and Shine with the Go getter team on Okashona Ha Tunapo. There is never a dull moment with the youngest and vibrant entertainers in the Oshiwambo media industry. The gorgeous and vivacious Princess Anna Penavali and animated and comedic Dj Munene the big man on the Omulunga morning show…
29 Feb 8AM 64 episodes Other News · Entertainment News

Draadloos Direk op NOVA 1035

Draadloos is 'n 10 minuut-lange landbou program en potgooi aangebied deur PD Stoman. Hy kyk na aktuele landbou sake, asook die jonste nuus en ander sake van belang vir die landbou gemeenskap, en sluit in wenke en raad, weer sake asook vendusies wat voorle. Draadloos is a 10-Minute Agri Show…
29 Feb 97 episodes Afrikaans Business News · Daily News

Fresh Titans

Fresh Titans is a feature where we sit down and talk to Namibian business and corporate leaders and find out how they started on their current career path, what challenges they face in their respective industries and what advice they have for the those aspiring to emulate them.
29 Feb 55 episodes English News · Society & Culture

NOVA 1035 Sunrise

6 - 10 AM on NOVA 1035...Chat, interviews, news and sport and the best music of the last 40 years…
28 Feb 80 episodes English Society & Culture

Fresh Mid-Mornings

King Arthur - Fresh Midmornings 10h00 -13h 00 He is a fast-rising musician and a student at NUST majoring in Biology. He heads the new Fresh Mid-Morning show which focuses on community whilst providing an ambience for our in-office listeners.
26 Feb 70 episodes English News · Music

Fresh Lunch with Delila Katanga13h00-16h00

Delila an Honours graduate in communication from NUST is also an Emcee and Social Media guru. She is the author of two novellas', Uncalled and Unbridled, aimed at raising awareness on women empowerment and toxic masculinity, while pushing Namibian presence in the literary world. In addition to this, she is…
26 Feb 95 episodes English News · Music

FNB Growth at Home

Welcome to FNB Growth at Home, your go-to source for inspiring stories of Namibian entrepreneurs who are making waves in the business world. Join us as we delve into the entrepreneurial spirit of Namibia, uncovering the journeys of passionate individuals who are driving economic growth right at home. In each…
22 Feb 9 episodes English Business · Business News

Take A Step Back With Anne

Anne loves to go back in time for your weekly dose of music related nostalgia, but she enjoys the here and now just as much, and she loves chatting to local musicians, and influencers in a variety of fields.
17 Feb 10 episodes English Music Interviews · Personal Journals

Radiowave Breakfast Lab

The drive to work has just become a little less stressful. Jacques will give you many reasons to laugh!
15 Feb 70 episodes English News · Society & Culture

Holla Time show

Joy and Jesaya on holla time show Mon- Fri
7 Feb 2PM 31 episodes English News · Entertainment News

Fresh Air With Paula & Chazz

Fresh Air With Paula & Chazz is the best drive time show in Namibia with two formidable women who have the biggest SM engagement on the radio station for a show that promises to be like no other. Paula is a seasoned personality whose career spans over 9 years at…
7 Feb 144 episodes English News · Music

Saturday Quiet Morning

Award nominated; Anna Penevali better known as ‘Princess Anna Penevali’ is a true active at heart for the music industry in Namibia to flourish thus backing Namibian artist to give them a platform to showcase their talent. She believes local artist deserves to be celebrated from home rather than having…
1 Feb 13 episodes English Explicit Self-Improvement · Non-Profit
1 – 20