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Rise and Shine with the Go getter team on Okashona Ha Tunapo. There is never a dull moment with the youngest and vibrant entertainers in the Oshiwambo media industry. The gorgeous and vivacious Princess Anna Penavali and animated and comedic Dj Munene the big man on the Omulunga morning show from 06H00-10H00
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Parental Involvement-Development Worshop of Namibia

Parental Involvement is often considered as the foundation of the child's development. Foibe from Development Workshop of Namibia shared some keyways in which active parental involvement promotes a child's growth and wellbeing.
25 Sep 8AM 17 min

Child Abuse and Neglect in Namibia

Cases of child abuse and neglect in Namibia over the past two months have been on the rise, and experts are deeply concerned. Deputy Commissioner Catherine Walaula the head of Gender Based Violence Victims Protection Division shared her opinion on this matter during the morning show( Okashona Ha Tunapo).
15 Sep 9AM 3 min

Werner Kanana AKa Kana Boy

Werner Kanana WATCH: Werner Kanana, a husband who went public this week claiming that he was suffering at the hands of his wife and was slapped with a three-year protection order, narrates his story on Omulunga radio on Omulunga
14 Sep 8AM 25 min

Werner Kanana AKa Kana Boy

Werner Kanana Werner Kanana, a husband who went public this week claiming that he was suffering at the hands of his wife and was slapped with a three-year protection order, narrates his story on Omulunga radio.
14 Sep 7AM 27 min

Savings And Investments

If you quit or lost your job today? How long can you survive in your savings and investments? In case you missed the conversation here it is.
4 Sep 8AM 15 min

Make My Day

Pastor's wives go through a lot in marriage, and they can't reveal it as, they are afraid to ruin their husband's reputation or marriage. Do you agree with this statement? Click on the link below you have missed the show and we will make your day. It is also on…
16 Aug 9AM 8 min

Customer service

We've all experienced terrible customer service right? How about a pleasant customer service experience? What was your recent pleasant customer service experience? Tell us, so we send them a Shout Out
8 Aug 5AM 5 min

Verse Of The Day

It is important to start your day with God because it will give you the ability to know what the best course of action is and how to deal with uncertain times. It means strengthening the bond of love between you and God so that when your day unfolds, your…
3 Aug 8AM 2 min

Make My Day

You are a police officer and you were given an order to remove all the vendors selling in the street. The first seller that you stopped at was the woman who assisted you to pay your school fees .Will you continue to remove them, or you will change your mind…
26 Jul 7AM 5 min

Suicide among the youth

Nowadays, young people are committing suicide and it is getting overwhelming. Is it perhaps cyber bullying, peer pressure or are we not doing enough parenting? We had a chat with Angeline, our Technical Assistant and a proud mother of a two-year-old daughter. This is her input
25 Jul 9AM 9 min

Benefits of Bathing at Night

Helps in relaxation Lowers your risk of developing acne Removes germs from your bed Can improve your sleep Makes morning routine improve
24 Jul 9AM 4 min

Namibia Statistics Agency

NSA will be making use of privately owned 4 /4 double cab and SUV vehicles for the population and Housing Census which is scheduled for 18 September-3 November 2023. Those who are willing to avail their vehicles for payment, coming with own drivers, are invited to register them at their…
21 Jun 10AM 24 min

Shaka Ilembe

Set in the 1700s, Shaka iLembe tells the story of the making of the iconic African king, with iterations from his early childhood through to adulthood. Screened on DSTV and GOTV on the 18th of June at 20H00 on Mzansi Magic
10 Jun 5AM 5 min

Shaka Ilembe

Who are some of the actors in Shaka Ilembe Follow the link to find out. Shaka iLembe starts on Sunday 18th June on Mzansi Magic at 20H00
10 Jun 4AM 4 min

Shower Time During Winter

Bathing is an essential personal hygiene, even if it’s too cold or you feel lazy, bath or take a warm shower every day. We know it's hard during this season (Winter) but here is some inspiration for you to bath/take a shower from your favorite duo Princess Anna Penavali and…
8 Jun 10AM 1 min

NAMRA Spokersperson-Tonateni Shidhudhu

The Namibian Revenue Agency has confirmed that it charges import tax on indigenous berries(eembe) that enters Namibia from Angola. Namra spokesperson Tonateni Shidhudhu confirms.
13 Apr 5AM 5 min

Dr Job Amupanda

Affirmative Repositioning Movement leader Dr Job Amupanda Dr. Job Shipululo Amupanda plans to run for the presidency in the next year's presidential elections and take over the highest office. Here is the link, if you have missed the interview.
15 Mar 3AM 12 min
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