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"Big Daddy" - second oldest multistage desert race in the world.

Welcome to the Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon Podcast Channel where we talk about desert-, multistage- and extreme running in beautiful and breath-taking remote places on earth.

Here you'll find lots of shared running experiences, tales of adventure and life living for the soul to thrive on. Join in and listen to our conversations and share with us your comments and experiences on our Facebook page.

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The ABCs of surviving a self-supported week in the Kalahari

“What to eat?” is one of the FAQs when it comes to extreme, ultra-marathons such as KAEM. In addition to the must-haves for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and recovery, here's our list of the TOP 10 NICE-TO-HAVE items for your KAEM bag.

Please add your nice-to-haves and feel free to share 🙂
1. Nuts
2. Salty biscuits or snacks (e,g,: Niknaks)
3. Raisins & other much-loved dried fruits for something sweet - you need something sweet from time to time. Jelly babies and the likes melt in the heat, but dried fruit is quite good - share if you have other treats
4. Droëwors, biltong, (dried beef or game), or salami sticks
5. Cuppa soup (more than you think necessary – they don’t weigh much and are incredibly comforting and help to replenish salt)
6. Coffee sachets
7. Ginger biscuits
8. Minty chewing gums
9. Parmesan powder
10. Popsicles

*Please note: Do not pack or vacuum pack droëwors or biltong in plastic bags. These can be packed in brown paper bags to keep dry and airy. With excessive heat in the Kalahari Desert, you don’t want your droëwors and biltong to sweat and go off.

REMEMBER eating and replenishing energy is one BIG FACTOR for successful completion of an event in the desert - pack enough 🙂
For a comprehensive list of MUST-HAVE and NICE-TO-HAVE and also what to avoid items.
Check out the article on our KAEM blog

KAEM 'Around the fire chat' - Format, Terrain & Routes

A bit of history and what to expect at KAEM 2022

In this episode, Russell Nugent is introduced as the Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon's new Race Director, Estienne Arndt, KAEM founder, and previous Race Director gives a bit of KAEM history, and together with Dallas Barnardo, second in charge on the route, the guys chat about the upcoming KAEM 2022 (6 to 16 October 2022) and what to expect in terms of routes and terrain.
Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon website Where to enter KAEM 2022 KAEM Facebook Page Connect with Russell

Be inspired, reignite your dreams, take a step onto a new path!

RUN For the Love of Life - Erica Terblanche

Welcome to this podcast introducing you to Erica Terblanche and her fascinating autobiography and life memoir RUN FOR THE LOVE OF LIFE. What a gripping, awe-inspiring and moving life story. Erica is a remarkable woman, an adventure racer and multi-stage endurance runner that has achieved the unthinkable, and she is a brilliant writer. In this conversation hosted by Simoné Basson of the Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon (KAEM), Erica shares with listeners what readers can expect to find through the pages in RUN, she touches on some of the invaluable insights and wisdom shared throughout this compelling novel and concludes the talk by presenting Thrive Run Club. While RUN is rich in running adventures, with its moments of euphoria and times of suffering, it is not only a book about running and adventure, it’s a real and authentic memoir about life itself. Erica talks about the inclusion of so much more than just the running tales. From the very first page, she makes a real and soulful connection with her readers as what you'll find in this podcast, and shares her life story in a courageously open and honest way. This talk connects listeners with Erica and RUN FOR THE LOVE OF LIFE in a sincere and inspiring way. Click on the link and listen how reading RUN FOR THE LOVE OF LIFE can inspire you to bring about the change you desire. See the links included to order RUN FOR THE LOVE OF LIFE, quick and easy.

This book is available on amazon.com and publisher.co.za - buy your copy today!
Buy your copy of 'RUN - For the Love of Life' Also available on Amazon Thrive Guru Website KAEM Website Connect with Erica

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