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Brunch with Sunet

Intriguing lifestyle conversations, and a great music mix for your workday.
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Marketing Insights with Brian Mtongana

Get insights into Marketing from one of the speakers at the upcoming Nedbank IMC Conference - the Executive Creative Director of Woolworths Marketing, Brian Mtongana.
17 Aug 2023 2 min

Project Dalton

Project Dalton is the result of a sad story of a family's pet Dalton who met a horrible end. His terrible death paved the way for legal reform with regards to animal welfare. In this interview, Sunet had a chat with Suné de Kler, a legal practitioner in Windhoek who…
11 Jul 2023 7 min

Meet Dustin Chick Managing Director of Razor PR

With the Nedbank IMC coming up in September this year, Future Media caught up with one of the conference speakers Dustin Chick, Partner in the M&C Saatchi Group South Africa and Managing Director of Razor PR.
29 Jun 2023 33 min

Sunet chats with lead singer from Sunset Sweatshop - Ian Heyns

Sunset Sweatshop has become a well known name but where does the name come from? Sunet had the privilege to talk to lead singer Ian Heyns to find out. They also got to chat about why Ian is always barefoot, his songwriting process and the meaning behind their new track…
26 Jun 2023 5 min

Tye Zechner In Studio

Have you heard the new track by Namibian Musician Tye Zechner? We had him in studio to chat about the new track titled 'Would You Believe Me'
26 Jun 2023 4 min

Interview with EFACT

We pulled up & coming Namibian artist EFACT into studio to tell us about his new song 'To My Lows'
26 Jun 2023 6 min

Catching Up With Kyle Deutsch

Sunet had the privilege to catch up with South African musician Kyle Deutsch to talk about his life and career and most importantly his fresh new release titled "Tell Me Something".
28 Apr 2023 5 min

The Revamped Okapuka Safari Lodge

Sunet sat down with Jescey Visagie from Gondwana to talk about the newly revamped Okapuka Safari Lodge and why you need to go experience it for yourself.
6 Apr 2023 5 min