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Tech Check with Kahla and Kruger

A podcast about all things tech and gaming, from the latest budget smartphones to high-end laptops and everything in between.

Tech Check is hosted by The Citizen's tech mavens and gaming aficionados – Cheryl Kahla and Lyle Kruger, while Devina Haripersad keeps everything running off-mic.
Weekly English South Africa Tech News · Video Games Narrated by Marce Bester, Nikhil Ranchod, Tarryn Michael
10 Episodes

Ep 10: How to shoot content on your smartphone

"Welcome to 'Tech Check with Kahla and Kruger', the podcast where we demystify the latest tech trends and gadgets. In this episode, we delve into the world of mobile content creation. Joined by Shaun and Devina, we discuss the art of shooting stunning photos and videos using just your smartphone…
23 May 18 min

All about the new ROG Ally

Republic of Gamers (ROG) is gearing up to launch something exciting... The ROG ALLY! We were lucky enough to get our hands on a pre-production sample ahead of the launch, and we invited Marcé Bester from Asus HQ to our podcast studio so we could all hype about it together…
16 May 21 min

ChatGPT: Did AI write a better podcast script than us? Find out now

In today's episode, we did a little AI-takeover and asked ChatGPT to write a podcast script for 'Tech Check With Kahla and Kruger' about, well, ChatGPT. Once ChatGPT had its fun, the humans took over again. Who did it better? Us or ChatGPT? Spoiler alert, the AI-generated portion of this…
24 Apr 22 min

PODCAST: From drones to headphones - What we carry in our tech bags

Join us for a fun little podcast about our tech bag confessions, complete with a Freudian slip for good measure because apparently, size matters... In this episode of Tech Check With Kahla and Kruger we compare our tech bags; Lyle the audiophile, Shaun the shutterbug, and me, apparently the Goldilocks…
3 Apr 21 min

Robotics, AI, Machine Learning and Skynet

We talk to Nikhil Ranchod, co-founder and CTO of CTRL Robotics, about how the robotics industry transforms South African services, and what the future holds. Are robots coming to take our jobs? Is the next Skynet imminent? Tune in and find out!
13 Feb 16 min

LogitechG G502X review and Apple discussions

Join The Citizen's Cheryl Kahla, Shaun Holland and Lyle Kruger as they discuss the pros and cons of the LogitechG G502X gaming mouse. Faizel Patel is also sitting in to give an update on all things Apple.
16 Sep 2022 24 min

Review: Rog Zephyrus Duo 16

Join The Citizen's Cheryl Kahla, Shaun Holland and Lyle Kruger as they discuss the pros and cons of the ROG Zephyrus Duo 16 – a powerhouse of a laptop designed to 'reinvent the standard and elevate your game'.
5 Sep 2022 12 min