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The Best Kept Secret Podcast - TBKS

The Best Kept Secret”, also known as “TBKS Podcast", is a music based podcast focusing on very in-depth album reviews and analysis. In addition, the podcast also produces interviews featuring some of the best artists we have access to as well as blog content documenting the scene.
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TBKS E121: The Fentse. Episode

One of the most gifted and promising up and coming artists in the South African (Alt)R&B scene is back with what is arguably one of the best R&B projects for 2023. Fentse. is no stranger to the local underground scene but her newest project is that of world-stage level. Her…
10 Sep 55 min

TBKS E120: The Belo Salo Episode

Several singles and many features later, BELO SALO finally released his much anticipated album titled: “CHOZEN REJECTboi” The soulful album drenched in hip-hop bravado boasts features from the likes of A-Reece, Wordz, Jay Jodi and Blxckie. Throughout the album, BELO peels back layers and reveals quite a lot. The album…
31 Aug 50 min

TBKS E119: The Roho Episode

Roho is finally back with a new musical offering titled: Vesper. This project comes 3 years after the well-received "Ephemeral" and it is a project that packs many different flavours for every type of Roho fan. It is a daring, vulnerable and captivating experience. Roho is very intentional with every…
24 Aug 53 min

TBKS E118: The Episode About Nothing 5

On this week’s episode, we pause from our weekly album review schedule and instead, take a look at the current state of music. Our main focus is on the South African music scene, in particular, the Amapiano wave and the revival and future of SA hip-hop. What are your general…
20 Aug 1 hr 02 min

TBKS E117: The Wordz Episode

Two years after releasing his beloved album titled, “Product of a Praying Mother”, Wodz is back with a brand new album. “People Forget To Be People” is a display of great storytelling and lyrical finesse that many people have embraced since the album’s release. The album features the likes of…
10 Aug 48 min

TBKS E116: The S B X Interview

One of many fresh new voices in South African R&B is S B X, who has been on a steady rise in the last couple of years. The success of her debut project (These Songs Are About You), compelled S B X to release her sophomore EP in 2022, (These…
3 Aug 54 min

TBKS E115: The Love Letters Episode

KashCPT recently released his much anticipated album titled: LOVE LETTERS, which serves as a followup to his successful Cape Town Radio release from 2022. This new album was marketed as a, "KashCPT debut R&B project" and we indeed got some really incredible R&B music from him. The album also offers…
27 Jul 44 min

TBKS E114: The Malice In Wonderland Episode

On her latest EP titled, Malice In Wonderland, Ava Like Lava gets deeply personal and vulnerable while still keeping it fun. Sonically, Malice In Wonderland is influenced by sounds from Pop, Hip-Hop, Middle Eastern, and Alternative elements, and with this canvas, Ava Like Lava creates a cinematic soundscape that is…
13 Jul 30 min

TBKS E113: The Ava Like Lava Interview

Ava Like Lava is a multi-cultural artist, increasingly representative and a product of the modern globalized world. Iranian by ethnicity and passport, Ava is a singer and songwriter, born in Japan, raised in China and now living and making music in South Africa. Ava has worked with the likes of…
9 Jul 58 min

TBKS E112: The AMI2 Episode

One of this year's exciting collaboration albums "AMI2" is a collection of songs by a creative collective that has some incredibly talented artist and producers. To label it as just a hip-hop album would be limiting because it covers a lot of ground sonically and stylistically, including influences from R&B,…
6 Jul 45 min

TBKS E111: The Mia Episode

Born in De Aar, Northern Cape, Mia is the latest and newest rising star in the South African R&B scene. Her debut project titled: The Other Side, has been received with much praise by fans and industry peers. This debut serves as a highlight real of the many different pockets…
28 Jun 30 min

TBKS E110: The Oriiginelle Episode

Oriiginelle recently released her followup project to [PHAZED] titled: MetamorphoFeels. As the title suggests, this project addresses her growing pains as she tries to capture her heartache and struggles in audio form. This is done in the most honest and skilful way as she showcases her artistic abilities throughout the project. From…
22 Jun 36 min

TBKS E109: The lordkez Appreciation Episode

The much anticipated debut album by lordkez is finally here. Titled, "Testament", the album bolstered by marvellous performances and compelling production inspired by R&B/Soul, Neo-Soul and Hip-Hop, lordkez's attempt to capture the emotional complexity of human nature and her perception on life is caught like lightning in a bottle, devastating…
15 Jun 57 min

TBKS E108: The Joya Mooi Episode

South African-rooted, Amsterdam-based artist, Joya Mooi finally released her much anticipated fourth studio album: What's Around The Corner. This comes after she released Side A in September of 2022 and so, the fans were eagerly waiting for Side B to complete the album. With this album, Joya Mooi takes us…
1 Jun 50 min

TBKS E107: The S B X Episode

On her latest EP, Now That It’s Over, S B X gives a vivid account of a breakup as she tries process the emotions and find closure. It is a deeply personal project and she skilfully uses her incredible songwriting abilities to take us on a journey so engaging you…
25 May 37 min

TBKS E106: The Hunter Rose Episode

In her latest EP titled: Butterfly, Hunter Rose wears her heart on her sleeve as she carefully takes us on a journey of healing and self-love. Throughout her previous offerings, she has shown how good she is with capturing the essence of love in its purest form and this new…
18 May 30 min

TBKS E105: The Fele Episode

At least once a season we shine a spotlight on an artists that’s barely known. This week we are thrilled to be shining a spotlight on a new and exciting voice in the game. She goes by the name: Fele and her newest album is called: Love Arch. A character…
7 May 40 min

TBKS E104: The Leon John Interview

On this week's episode, SeezyRay is joined by Leon John to unpack his debut album called: Licence To Feel, released in 2022. Evoking sentiments of being uncertain of one’s place in the world and trying to make sense of it while still embroiled in the on and on-ness of it…
27 Apr 1 hr 02 min

TBKS E103: The Lloyiso Episode

The debut EP from South African soul singer-songwriter, Lloyiso finally arrived and it is everything and more! The emotionally charged body of work shows Lloyiso at his best in every possible way. The project is proof that Lloyiso has excellent musicianship and can craft songs that resonate deeply. Whether he…
20 Apr 37 min

TBKS E102: The Jay Jody Episode

South African hip-hop artist, Jay Jody released a brand new project in March of 2023 titled: Revenge Is Sweet. This is a follow-up to his previous offering titled: Sunset Stories. This new project sees Jay showcase his skills as a rapper and great storyteller. The project features Loatinover Pounds, AV…
13 Apr 40 min
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