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Netcare Pulse. Breast Cancer Care with Gabriella Kourie.

In this special series, we take a look at the importance of multidisciplinary care for breast cancer patients. In this episode, Uveka Rangappa speaks to Gabriella Kourie. She's an occupational therapist specialising in oncology rehab and lymphoedema therapy at the Netcare Milpark Breast Care Center of Excellence. --------- HIGHLIGHTS ---------…
1 Feb 21 min

Netcare Pulse. Breast Cancer Care with Prof. Carol Benn.

In this special series, we take a look at the importance of multidisciplinary care for breast cancer patients. In this episode, Uveka Rangappa is joined by Prof Carol-Ann Benn who heads up the Netcare Milpark Breast Care Centre of Excellence. --------- HIGHLIGHTS --------- 00:02 - Breast Cancer Care Accreditation and…
1 Feb 25 min

Netcare Pulse. Environmental sustainability is not a swear word.

How does a business as complex as Netcare approach sustainability? Bruce Whitfield examines this subject with Andre Nortje the National Environmental Sustainability Manager for Netcare. --------- HIGHLIGHTS --------- 0:03:26 - Financial Benefits of Sustainable Practices. 0:16:02 - Financial Incentives for Sustainable Business.
14 Sep 2023 17 min

Netcare Pulse. The importance of wellness in the workplace.

Sandy Lewis serves as the Mental Wellness and Compassionate Care Lead for the People Development Team at Netcare. In this episode of Netcare Pulse, she explains to Bruce Whitfield why employee wellness is more important than ever. --------- HIGHLIGHTS --------- 0:03:05 - Destigmatising Mental Health in the Workplace. 0:07:40 -…
14 Sep 2023 13 min

Netcare Pulse. Digital transformation of the healthcare industry.

Netcare CEO, Dr Richard Friedland kicks off The Netcare Pulse series by chatting to Bruce Whitfield about digital transformation and engagement in the healthcare industry, and how it puts patients at the heart of healthcare. --------- HIGHLIGHTS --------- 0:04:43 - Digitisation in Healthcare and Improving Efficiency. 0:11:12 - Data-Driven Improvements…
12 Sep 2023 23 min

Netcare Pulse. Transformation in the healthcare sector.

Dan Moyane is joined by Dr Nceba Ndzwayiba who is the Group Director of Human Resources and Transformation at Netcare. Together they look at the importance of ensuring diversity, inclusivity, and equity in the healthcare sector. --------- HIGHLIGHTS --------- 0:02:22 - Grounded Transformation Strategy for NetCare. 0:07:51 - Investing in…
24 Jul 2023 15 min

Netcare Pulse. Why Gap Cover makes sense.

With the ever increasing cost of living and many choosing to downscale their medical aid, Dan Moyane and Teshlin Akaloo discuss why getting gap cover is important. --------- HIGHLIGHTS --------- 0:01:34 - Understanding and Accessing Private Healthcare. 0:06:08 - Importance of Gap Cover in Healthcare. 0:12:06 - Integrated Healthcare System…
24 Jul 2023 16 min

Netcare Pulse Trailer

In the world of healthcare – information is critical. Subscribe now to Netcare Pulse a new podcast from Netcare that asks the questions you want answered. We’ll bring you engaging conversations with thought leaders from the world of Netcare showcasing trends, patient stories and so much more. Hosted by a…
24 Jul 2023 1 min