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The Curse of The Creative – A Radio Promotions Podcast.

2 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±12 min episode every 71 weeks, 4 days
The Curse Of The Creative is a radio promotions podcast by the creative team at, the audio and radio specialists agency, Ultimate Media.

Each week they’ll unpack a creative audio solution for your show, station or clients. Whether you're a seasoned radio professional or just starting out, this podcast is designed to help spark an idea and break the curse of mundane creative.

Join Greg, Bongani, Paulo, Nick and Ricci, each week, as they stumble through the creative world of radio promotions!

**The opinions expressed in this podcast are personal opinions and not necessarily the thoughts of Ultimate Media**

Health Matters by Cipla

32 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±15 min episode every 2 weeks, 6 days
Wellness and health - it’s kind of a bigger deal than ever, but where do you go on this whole wide internet for the best medical advice?

And how often are you finding information that takes on a South African perspective?

That’s why Cipla brings you Health Matters. This is a series that puts experts from across the medical world right in your earbuds or speakers.

Our aim is to provide topical and relevant information on healthcare, with kindness, because Health Matters.

Working Title FC

28 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±50 min episode every 6 days
It's the phoenix podcast risen from the ashes, they're taking it so seriously it doesn't even have a name.

They're the podcasters formerly known as Ryan, Senzo, and Paulo and they're back to review every team in the premier league for the upcoming season.

Take a listen ,swear at their outlooks, and help them come up with a show name.

It's just what the world needs...another sports podcast full of badly informed

#HereForTheReady stories brought to you by Absa.

0 EPISODES |  Series
The first #HereForTheReady story is about Sandisiwe Mboxo who lived in Mdantsane. Listen how she used Absa's upskill initiatives to remake her world.

You can listen to this story in your choice of English, isiZulu and SeSotho.

The HereForTheReady stories are brought to you by Absa and to get them all as they release, subscribe now.

Learn more about this initiative at absa.africa/ReadyToUpskill

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